The Lab: 3 Staff Yoga Playlists to Wash You Away

Oct 31, 2020

A great yoga class takes you on a journey. As you paddle away from shore with gentle movements, deep breaths, and warming bones, you aren’t sure how far you’re going to go. Maybe you’ll keep the shoreline nearby just in case, phone notifications pinging your peripheral vision.

At this point, a good teacher can tug you along, out into the open ocean of your subconscious. But for those of you daring enough to embark solo on your mat, this is where a great playlist can roll in, swell until it fills your skin, and wash you away.

To help you on that journey, here are three staff yoga playlists that will pull you in and sweep you onto the shores of savasana.

What are your favorite yoga tracks or playlists? Share them in the comments below. 

P.S. Join us for Schuyler Grant’s new music-driven 21-day yoga challenge: Breath, Body Beats. Sign up for free here. 

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