The Lab: When the Internet Goes Out, Make Fruit Leather

Aug 07, 2020


A funny thing happens when the Internet goes down at Commune Topanga... gradually everyone wanders out of whatever nook they've holed up in with their laptop, eventually converging on the patio. 

"Internet down for you, too?"


"Did you download any Google docs before it happened?"


It's amazing how much you can't get done as an online media company without the Internet. But, fortunately, our plum tree has been prolific, and the power was still on, so we pressure-cooked and pureed and spread and dehydrated... and made fruit leather! 

It's not quite the fruit rollups of our 1990s youth, but the electric purple of the plums at least lent a bit of nostalgia to the snack. 

What's your favorite fruit snack to make at home?

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