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BONUS: Add Soil is the Climate Solution with Finian Makepeace to your order for $49.99 (50% OFF!). This 10-day course will teach you how to be a knowledgeable, inspiring advocate for this powerful solution!

We CAN do this! We can rebuild soil, replenish water cycles, and reverse global warming.

Humans have been living in a degenerative relationship with nature, expecting our world to be “used up” to provide our needs and now our planet is in crisis. But what if we could reverse it?

When we make global changes that affect grand inflection points, like the way our food is grown, we can start to heal our world from the soil up, sequestering carbon as we go, replenishing water sources, and healing our communities.

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Vital Health with Zach Bush, MD

Vital Health with Zach Bush, MD is a 10-day course that examines the building blocks of human biology and how we arrived at our current misconceptions around nutrition, disease, and what it means to live well. By the end of this course you will have a completely new view of nutrients that we have either villainized or over-consumed – including cholesterol, salt, fat, carbs, and protein – as well as a better understanding of the complex relationship between human health and soil health. And even more importantly, you will see how beneath these diet dogmas and food fears is a warlike mentality that is preventing us from reaching our highest potential as humans.

We are at a tipping point of chronic disease and suffering; we can tip toward mass extinction or toward evolution. This course works with the possibility that we can wake up in time to change the pattern and live more consciously aligned with nature.


  • More than 9 hours of one-on-one teaching time with Dr. Zach Bush
  • 2 movement practices: Qigong to clear emotional trauma and Zach’s famous 4-minute workout for cardiovascular health
  • BONUS 2-Hour Interview with Dr. Zach Bush and Commune CEO Jeff Krasno
  • Exclusive mobile app access, including offline viewing, easy listening on-the-go, and screencasting to TVs, so you can listen and learn wherever you are without Internet access

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with a course, please email [email protected] within 7 days of purchase and we will issue a refund.