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BONUS: Add The Emerging Science of Longevity to your order for $49 (SAVE $150!). In this 4-part course, Dr. Mark Hyman walks you through the root causes of aging and how you can optimize your body for long-term wellbeing.

You have built-in longevity programming; you just have to learn how to turn it on! Learn why some areas of the world produce so many more centenarians, how adversity and abundance mimetics can kickstart your innate healing and repair mechanisms, which foods and eating patterns result in beneficial gene expression, and what promising advances are now appearing on the horizon to prime your body for longevity. 

Join Dr. Mark Hyman as he overturns the previous paradigm of aging and offers a new, empowering vision in which you have vastly more agency over your biology.

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Hacking Your Healthcare with Dr. Mark Hyman

Become the CEO of your own health.

Get permanent access to: 

  • 10 video lectures with world-renowned Functional Medicine expert Dr. Mark Hyman + 10 bonus videos answering FAQs. In total, more than 4 hours of valuable medical information
  • Daily handouts, including key physiological markers and tests
  • Additional resources such as self-diagnostic quizzes
  • Audio versions and transcripts for all course lectures
  • Offline access and the ability to screencast to TVs with the Commune app for iOS and Android

A visit to a functional medicine doctor is often much more expensive than this course. Consider this an investment toward your optimal wellness!

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with a course, please email [email protected] within 7 days of purchase and we will issue a refund.