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New Commune course on self-inquiry for social action:

Dismantle the systems within through deep reflection and truth-telling. Only then can we champion positive social change without causing harm. 

We are all called to lead, but doing so effectively is rarely easy or comfortable. In order to effect change in our communities, we have to address where we are coming from and how we approach tangled and sometimes traumatic social issues. We must learn to lead with humility, empathy, accountability, and love.

Join Seane Corn, Suzanne Sterling, and Hala Khouri for ten days of yoga, lecture, and embodiment practices to help us progress on the path of conscious activism.

Meet your teachers

Seane Corn, Suzanne Sterling, and Hala Khouri are founders of Off the Mat, Into the World and internationally celebrated teachers who have led workshops on yoga, healing, and transformation for more than 20 years. They started Off the Mat 12 years ago as a collaborative effort to build a movement of people dedicated to activism and consciousness-raising. They have trained thousands of leaders all over the globe.

"There's a saying that our liberation is bound, that none of us can be free unless we are all free. Conscious leadership requires us to look at the collective: To see our part in creating separation. To see our part in how we are complicit in the oppression of others, which is the opposite of yoga."
~ Seane Corn

How it Works

Once the course begins on March 4, you will receive a daily email with access to the course videos. This encourages all participants to move through the course together! After March 13 the free period will end and the course will lock. If you want immediate, permanent access, you can buy the course (starting 3/4).

Daily Classes

  • Day 1: Do the Work

  • Day 2: Practice for Action (40min yoga class)

  • Day 3: Spirit, Power, and Intention

  • Day 4: Prayer Practice (45min yoga class)

  • Day 5: The Mind-Body Connection

  • Day 6: Grounding Practice (30min yoga class)

  • Day 7: How Trauma Shapes Us

  • Day 8: Finding Your Voice

  • Day 9: Sound Liberation Practice (30min yoga class)

  • Day 10: Block, Build, Be

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with a course, please email [email protected] within 7 days of purchase and we will issue a refund.

What students are saying:

“I just need to start by saying that I've been dying to share with all of you the transformational journey I've taken, since OTM’s training in Miami. I remember sitting in a complete state of vulnerability feeling a spark lighting up in my heart, two months later, I literally manifested our group discussion: I am an advocate/teacher for immigrants in one of the most progressive elementary schools in the most diverse county in NC. I turned into a social justice warrior after I had almost renounced my right to be me. I am an advocate for magic, and I will never forget Seane's words about it: Magic is to transform energy at will. I committed to understand my trauma and be humbled by it, I committed to create a Yoga to serve my community, and here I am. I really hope I'm honoring the lessons, and I know this is only the beginning.”

~ Elena Rodriguez, Miami, FL

“I have been so fortunate to learn from Off the Mat several times. I have taken and assisted their 5 day training and taken Hala's trauma workshops many times. I own a yoga studio and work in partnership as a birth doula, one thing that really changed my life was their collaboration. A feminine model of leadership I remember Seane calling it once. I have become more patient, I have learned that nobody needs to be in charge to lead, and that I can only have the capacity for so much, but with two or three of us, our capacity can change the world. I can do what I am really excellent at and together we can offer so much more than I could alone. If you want to really create change, make a difference, do what you are meant to do: Seane, Suzanne and Hala will take you on a journey into a deeper knowing and clearer path and to really trust the wisdom of your calling.”

~ Ashley Walburn, Kansas City, MO

“The work of Off the Mat, Into the World is unparalleled in its capacity to both transform and inspire. In my first experience with Seane, Hala, and Suzanne, I came to understand more about myself and my potential than in years of psychotherapy and graduate school combined. As a result of attending this training, I founded Embody Love Movement, an organization that has now reached over 15,000 girls and women who would not have been impacted were it not for Off the Mat. The faculty are embodiments of what they offer: your wounds are your gifts, and your medicine to others is the medicine you need for your own healing and integration. My life, and the lives of hundreds of others, have been forever transformed by this organization and through this training.”

~ Dr. Melody Moore, Los Angeles, CA