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The Bliss Within

with Light Watkins

A 21-day Meditation Program


Build a foundational daily meditation practice.

This powerful program will help you develop a strong personal meditation practice. Each day Light introduces a new theme, guides a brief meditation, and ends with practical takeaways to apply throughout your day.


Day 1: Redefining Bliss

Day 2: Responding vs. Reacting

Day 3: How to Access Flow

Day 4: Lean Into Simplicity

Day 5: Understanding Self-Care

Day 6: Setting the Intention of Bliss

Day 7: Where is the Bliss?

Day 8: The Power of Rest

Day 9: Examining Bliss and Energy

Day 10: Finding the Flowing State

Day 11: Bliss and Gratitude

Day 12: Discovering Your Truth

Day 13: Listening to Your Intent

Day 14: The Power of Forgiveness

Day 15: Trusting Your Experience

Day 16: Anatomy of a Commitment

Day 17: No Right or Wrong

Day 18: Transcending the Ego

Day 19: Recognizing the Extended Self

Day 20: The Mechanics of Inner Happiness

Day 21: Releasing Your Bliss Into the World

Meet Your Teacher

Meet Light Watkins, your daily meditation guide for the next three weeks! Light started his journey with meditation in 1998 as a practitioner, then as an apprentice to his Vedic meditation instructor, and ultimately as a teacher himself. In this challenge, Light shares meditation techniques, best practices, and tips to help you establish an enjoyable, lifelong practice.

"Who or what is witnessing all of the thoughts, sensations, emotions, worries, hopes, and feelings you have? Who witnesses you falling asleep or waking up? What is the witness statemade of? Many of the world’s wisdom traditions identify the witness state as pure bliss. The raw material of spirit. In other words, bliss is your essence."

~ Light Watkins


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