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BONUS: Add Soil is the Climate Solution with Finian Makepeace to your order for $49.99 (50% OFF!). This 10-day course will teach you how to be a knowledgeable, inspiring advocate for this powerful solution!

We CAN do this! We can rebuild soil, replenish water cycles, and reverse global warming.

Humans have been living in a degenerative relationship with nature, expecting our world to be “used up” to provide our needs and now our planet is in crisis. But what if we could reverse it?

When we make global changes that affect grand inflection points, like the way our food is grown, we can start to heal our world from the soil up, sequestering carbon as we go, replenishing water sources, and healing our communities.

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The Plastic-Free Challenge with Kate Nelson

The Plastic-Free Challenge is a 10-day journey designed to help you reduce the plastic in your life — and experience the incredible empowerment and health benefits that come with this shift. Kate Nelson, aka "the plastic-free mermaid," guides you through each area of daily life, from grocery shopping to brushing your teeth, and how you can make better, healthier choices. She also provides easy recipes to help you replace plastics, including make-it-yourself toothpaste, household cleaner, crackers (no more plastic pouches!), and more.


  • 10 daily sessions each focused on a different area of your life, from the kitchen to the bathroom to grocery shopping and travel. In total almost 5 hours of practical advice, tips, video recipes, and the latest science on the health and environmental impacts of plastic.
  • Downloadable course workbook with daily plastic-free checklists
  • Downloadable recipe book with more than 50 recipes to help you reduce your plastic use, from hummus and nut milk to makeup and deodorant. 
  • An upcoming live Q&A call with with Kate Nelson (schedule to be announced)
  • Mobile app access, including offline viewing, easy listening on-the-go, and screencasting to TVs.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with a course, please email [email protected] within 7 days of purchase and we will issue a refund.