21-Day Meditation Challenge

with Light Watkins

Learn to meditate every day with ease.

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Ready to enjoy meditating?

Meditation is the calming balm for a crazy world, but many of us struggle to develop a daily practice. If you are an overwhelmed worker, quarantined parent, stressed-out student, or just generally can’t get the news or your to-do list off of repeat in your head, Light's simple-yet-powerful approach can help reduce stress and anxiety, and create deep rest in your mind and body.


How Commune Courses Work

Learning is a collective experience at Commune: Starting March 23 you will receive a daily email with access to the first seven course videos. This encourages all participants to move through the course together! After March 29, the free period will end and the course will lock. If you want full access, you can sign up for Commune Membership or buy the course now.

Your Teacher

After years of struggling to meditate, Light met his Vedic Meditation teacher in 2003 and was taught the secrets to enjoying meditation. Light has now worked with thousands of students from all walks of life, including Oscar-winners, musicians, politicians, and even royalty. His latest book, Bliss More, was named one of the “Best meditation books of all time.”

“My goal for you is to help you develop an enthusiastic relationship with meditation, where you look forward to each day of your seated practice. Your meditations will flow easily and be more enjoyable.”

"Light Watkins’s approach to meditation is both simple and profound."

Deepak Chopra

Don’t work hard to meditate. Learn how to make meditation work for you.


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