Our mission is to create a global wellness community around the practices and ideas of the world’s greatest teachers.


We believe that people are better when they connect, and these relationships are healthier when people feel whole. It is up to us to make choices that help us feel whole: move our bodies, eat fresh foods, set aside time to rest, invest in meaningful friendships… To make the world well, we must be well.
We believe that while many of society’s problems—stress, global warming, loneliness, chronic disease (to name a few)—may be new, many of the solutions to these problems are old and true. Mindful movement, meditation, spirituality, local food, composting, cooking, birthing naturally and dying with dignity, civic engagement, and living lightly on the earth. These things are old. These things are true. Rediscovering these ways of being can directly address the most salient issues of our time.
We believe that collectively we have the will, the power, and the necessary know-how to rise to the challenges we face—right now, in this present moment. The paths are many and the steps are tangible: plant a garden, use less plastic, walk and bike, engage in local issues, and on and on. Societal change means dedication to the small shifts as much as marching in the streets.
We believe global, digital communities have the power to drive local action. At Commune we help expert teachers share their knowledge with the widest possible audience and then empower participants to apply their knowledge at the community level.
We believe that personal growth and societal well-being are two sides of the same coin. We believe that out of many, we are one.


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