Post-Election Self-Care

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Meditation, and Yoga

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Let's take care of ourselves, and each other.

Whether you need a daily refuge, renewal through yoga, or a reminder that we’re all in this tumultuous human experience together, this 5-day series offers notable lessons, meditations, and movement classes from 14 spiritual leaders and teachers to help you get through the U.S. Presidential Election feeling calm, centered, and courageous.


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Meet Your Teachers

Seane Corn

on Stepping Into Conscious Leadership

Marianne Williamson

on Overcoming the Ego Mind

Charles Eisenstein

on Healing the Crisis of Belonging

Sharon Salzberg

on Taking Action with Intention

Michael B. Beckwith

on Envisioning Your Future Path


on Seeing the Truth in Compassion

Adriene Mishler

teaching All Levels Yoga

Tracee Stanley

teaching Yoga Nidra

Light Watkins

teaching Meditation

Jennifer Elliott

teaching Yin Yoga

Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts

teaching Gentle Yoga

Mary Beth LaRue

teaching Slow Flow Yoga

Briohny Smyth

teaching Vinyasa Yoga

Chelsey Korus

teaching Vinyasa Yoga

What's Included

Each day includes a lesson, a relaxation practice, and a yoga class to help you reflect on the bigger picture while you stay strong in spirit, mind, and body.

  • Stepping into Conscious Leadership with Seane Corn
  • Seeing the Truth with Compassion Meditation with Preethaji
  • All of You with Adriene Mishler (All Levels Yoga)
  • Overcoming the Ego Mind with Marianne Williamson
  • Safe and Supported with Jennifer Elliott (Yin Yoga)
  • Intuition with Chelsea Jackson Roberts (Beginner-Friendly Yoga)
  • Healing the Crisis of Belonging with Charles Eisenstein
  • Energetic Relaxation with Tracee Stanley (Yoga Nidra)
  • Balancing Backbends with Mary Beth LaRue (Beginner-Intermediate Slow Flow Yoga)
  • Taking Action with Intention with Sharon Salzberg
  • Judgment-Free Meditation with Light Watkins
  • Gathering Gratitude with Briohny Smyth (Beginner-Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga)
  • Envisioning Your Future Path with Michael B. Beckwith
  • Binaural Beats Meditation for Deep Relaxation
  • Twist & Open with Chelsey Korus (Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga)

Wisdom and support for uncertain times.

Learn how you can pave a brighter future while tending to your immediate needs for relaxation and renewal.

"Our actions in the world are powerful to the extent that they align with the fields of love, compassion, and caring. We must learn to transmit kindness, empathy, and generosity when we are hurting, and when others are too. This is how we build a bridge into the future we want to see. This is how we heal the divide."

Jeff Krasno
CEO and Co-Founder of Commune

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