Hacking Your Healthcare

with Dr. Mark Hyman


Discover how and why illness occurs and, most importantly, the path to better health.

Begin your journey to optimal wellness with this 10-day course!


In this course, Dr. Hyman explains how you can use your own doctor to harness the power of Functional Medicine and tackle the root causes of chronic disease. Learn what questions to ask, which tests matter, and how to understand the results. Don’t wait for the medical system to fix itself—transform your own healthcare, now!

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Our online courses help you understand which practices, habits, nutrition choices, and lifestyle changes are key to vibrant health. We also provide proven tools – yoga, meditation, breathwork, recipes, and more – to transform your mind and body. All in one place.


What Commune Students Are Saying About Dr. Mark Hyman

AMAZING! I HIGHLY Recommend this course. Loads of information your personal physician is most likely NOT going to tell you.

~ Kathy

Great course!! I finally feel like I have some direction on where to start in this journey for better health.

~ Christi

This was a fantastic course! Thank you! I woke up excited every morning to soak up more information. So many eye-openers...

~ Nathalie