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Create a nourishing self-care routine in as little as 20 minutes a day.

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Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts offers restorative movement and meditation to help you establish a regular yoga practice at home.

Create Sacred Time and Space for Yourself


Learning how to meet your own needs for relaxation and self-care is incredibly important — so let’s develop an at-home yoga and meditation practice that feels great to you. Because when you give to yourself first, you are able to be more available and present with others. More connected, calm, and caring. 

But sometimes getting started (or starting again) is the hardest part.


No previous yoga experience needed. 
All are welcome to join.

You’ll learn simple routines of daily movement, meditation, and journaling from Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts, a much-loved and respected teacher who is committed to making yoga accessible to all bodies and skill levels.

Whether you are new to yoga or rolling out your mat for the thousandth time, this course offers step-by-step tools to help you discover or reaffirm WHY yoga is important to you while showing you HOW to confidently create an at-home practice that leaves you feeling like the best version of yourself, every day, on and off your mat. 

Meet Your Teacher

Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts is an internationally celebrated teacher and scholar who brings her Midwest roots to the mat with a style of yoga that is accessible to all bodies and levels of skill. She is widely recognized for her work with yoga and teens, and making connections between literacy development, storytelling, and yoga. Chelsea founded Yoga, Literature, and Art Camp at Spelman College Museum of Fine Art in 2014 after receiving her doctorate in Educational Studies from Emory University. In addition, Chelsea  has toured the world as a Peloton yoga teacher and global ambassador for lululemon, and has advocated for local communities as founder of Red Clay Yoga and faculty member of Off the Mat, Into the World.

Daily Lessons

Each day includes a 20-minute yoga session, 5-10 minutes of meditation, and a journaling exercise.

By definition, yoga means to unite. Today’s practice is all about uniting our body, our mind, and our movement to create support from the inside out. Are you ready to put yourself first?

Today, we focus on the roots. That is, the journey that brought us to the mat in the first place. With every pose today, you'll tap into your joy as you reflect on your journey.

Profound moments happen in stillness and silence. This practice will place emphasis on finding your flow and also cultivating balance and the discernment to decide what your body needs and doesn't need. It's all about learning how you can support yourself and cultivate kindness.

Our yoga practice changes just as we do in this world, shifting in and out of spaces, communities, and experiences. It's through the breath that we can find and tap into true connection. Today's session is all about igniting the power within and using yoga and the breath as a tool to move through challenges and obstacles.

Today, we open the heart in a physical way but also in the deeply emotional way. In this practice, we open the heart and allow it to shine brightly. It's an opportunity for you to practice compassion with yourself, by listening to your body and what it is asking for.

You've done body scans, breathwork, experienced sun salutations, and moved through a couple of Warrior postures. Today’s practice puts this together for you, to illustrate how you can create and construct your home yoga practice.

We can't fully utilize our energy in this world unless we rest. Today, we focus on using our intuition to know when it is time to slow down and rest. Together, we'll learn to be still, listen, and think about what our individual body needs right now.

Today's practice focuses on more dynamic poses, and you'll use your intuition, your trust, and your knowing of your own body to know where you need to create variations or adapt some of the postures to your liking. You'll listen to your inner teacher, that voice that tells you what you need.

Today, we plant the seeds to commit to a consistent yoga practice. We'll integrate everything we've learned so far and introduce a little bit more. We start with breath of fire, moving into sun salutations and hip openers before our Savasana.

Today is a day of celebration! Today, we put it all together, from the breathing exercises to the movements.

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Relaxing, rejuvenating, empowering, consistent.

Whatever you want your at-home yoga practice to be for you, this course will show you how to create that nourishing routine for yourself.


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