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  • Practices to live more vibrantly in your body
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Immediately unlock 40+ courses, with fresh courses added every month. Our courses are designed as daily lessons: start a 5-day program to discover a new technique, build on your foundation with a 10-day series, or take a 21-day challenge!

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Each month, get direct access to the world’s leading teachers via online chats and webinars. Submit questions in advance and get the answers you need to move forward on your journey.

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We believe life is best when shared, and that the power of community is strong healing medicine. Our dedicated Commune Community is a place to share stories, ask questions, and offer support.

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Be the first to watch courses with high-profile teachers. Upcoming new courses include meditation with Michael Beckwith, nutrition with Kimberly Snyder, yoga with Rodney Yee, and daily habits with Dr. Pedram Shojai. 

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10+ new classes added every month, led by top teachers from around the world. Whether you’re looking for gentle, beginner-friendly sessions or are ready to dive in and sweat, you’ll find the perfect class inside.

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The Commune course pillars: Your foundation for strength and resilience.


Yoga, meditation, functional medicine, nutrition. Foundational information and nourishing practices for better health, reduced stress, and greater ease in body and mind.


Practical tools for personal transformation, rooted in timeless wisdom. Connect to a higher purpose, see the world with greater clarity, and cultivate contentment.



Mindful leadership, sustainable living, civic engagement, community building. Learn where we can improve and how to lean in with conviction. With knowledge comes courage and action.

Explore the current Commune Course Library


Adriene Mishler Yoga For All

Scott Schwenk Ecstatic Breathwork

Rodney Yee & Colleen Saidman Simple Self-Care

Schuyler Grant 21-Day Yoga Challenge

Dr. Michael Breus Sleep Better

Light Watkins 21-Day Meditation Challenge

Dr. Joy Reese & Sophie Jaffe Clean Beauty

Jennifer Partridge Tap Into Healing

Wanderlust Yoga Teachers The Studio

Wanderlust Meditation Teachers Guided Meditations

Chelsey Korus Flow With Intention

Noah Mazé Yogamazé

Schuyler Grant Empowered Birth

Mary Beth LaRue Easy Does It

Traci Stanley Deep Relaxation

Jason Wrobel Good Mood Food

Dr. Mark Hyman Hacking Your Healthcare

Wim Hof The Wim Hof Method


Danielle LaPorte The Desire Map

Preethaji Live in a Beautiful State

Danielle LaPorte Free + Clear

Brendon Burchard The Wellness Master Class

Byron Katie The Work

Deepak Chopra The Nature of Reality

Marianne Williamson Teaching the Teachers

Russell Brand Recovery

Michael B. Beckwith Meditations for Life's Challenges


Finian Makepeace Soil is the Climate Solution

Off the Mat, Into the World Redefining Leadership

Evelyn Carter Unwinding Prejudice

Emi Guereca Organize a March

20+ Commune Teachers The Wellness Summit

Here's what students are saying:

"An accessible community of individuals who, by sharing their experiences, awaken a new perspective and unmask spirit in places I never thought to look!"

"Thank you for creating this space where many minds and souls can reach to understand and achieve a unified force to make this world a better place by opening views of our reality."

"We human beings, need to connect, support one another. Commune creates community, reverence and connection."

"In a world of disconnectedness, I am grateful for a chance to learn and be exposed to more ideas and concepts that I can grow and implement into my own life."

"These podcasts and courses are the best thing ever to happen to my commute. Fantastic contribution to improving ourselves and our world! Thank you!"

Personal Wellness IS Societal Well-being


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Course lengths vary from 5 to 21 days and are packed with practical wisdom you can start using right away.

Access over 365 life-changing lessons, plus worksheets, handouts and audio bonuses to deepen your learning experience.

Web, mobile, and offline access so you can connect anywhere.

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