Learn to Human Better

with Lauren Handel Zander

How to get out of your own way and turn your dreams into reality.

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No more excuses. Dream big and live it.

When we hear “personal integrity,” we think of how honest and reliable we are with others. But what about your commitment to you?

When it comes to dreams, too many of us take the easy way out — justifying failure, fudging goals, and “doing the best we can.” But what if personal integrity is about being absolutely true to ourselves, getting honest with what we want, and going after it with everything we’ve got?

Join Lauren Handel Zander as she breaks down excuses and forces us to live to our fullest potential, teaching us how to be better humans in the process.


How Commune Courses Work

Here at Commune, learning is a collective experience: Once the course begins on April 15, you will receive a daily email with access to the course videos. This encourages all participants to move through the course together! After April 24, the free period will end and the course will lock. If you want immediate, permanent access, you can buy the course (starting 4/15).

Day 1: What’s Your Current Reality?

Video 1: Me, Myself, and Why
Video 2: What to Expect: Making Uncommon Knowledge Common
Video 3: Current Reality Quiz

Day 2: Learn to Dream Again

Video 1: Wake Up to Your Dreams
Video 2: You Must Be Dreaming
Video 3: Dream On

Day 3: Unwelcome Guests

Video 1: THE memo
Video 2: Meet your Inner Squatters
Video 3: The STATE You Currently Reside in

Day 4: Own Your Negatives

Video 1: Turning a Light on our Darkside
Video 2: The Promised Land
Video 3: Brand-Aid

Day 5: Quiet the Noise

Video 1: Thoughts Gone Wild
Video 2: Getting Your Head Under New Management
Video 3: A Pen for your Thoughts

Day 6: Your Traits and How to Leverage them for Success

Video 1: Goody bag
Video 2: Put a Leash On it
Video 3: Apple Picking

Day 7: The Truth About Lying

Video 1: Secret Society
Video 2: Secret Society Membership Dues
Video 3: Spiritual Accounting

Day 8: Unstuck

Video 1: Purge-atory
Video 2: Getting Yourself UNSTUCK
Video 3: The Reel U

Day 9: I Am

Video 1: Tastes Like Chicken
Video 2: Super Freak
Video 3: Find Your Lost Ballsy

Day 10: Design Your Life

Video 1: Daily Designs
Video 2: Lifelong Design

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Meet Your Teacher

Lauren Handel Zander is an executive life coach, spiritual surgeon, and creator of Inner.U and The Handel Method. Her take-no-prisoners brand of radical personal accountability and her proven step-by-step coaching has worked for celebrities, bestselling authors, CEOs and top executives, award-winning artists… and now, you.

“If, Fedex, Google, and Snapchat can be their own verb, why not human? And given we have no option while we’re alive, but TO HUMAN, I think human-ing is something we can always stand to get better at. You see, when “human” is used as a verb, it puts the onus of responsibility and change and what’s possible where it belongs … on US.”

Stop putting up walls and
start breaking through them.

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