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New Commune course using the Emotional Freedom Technique

Learn how to release overwhelm, clear your fear, and step out of pain through this unique blend of talk-therapy and ancient Chinese medicine.

When we feel in crisis we shut down the systems that allow us to be fully present and enjoy life. Quite literally, our body is blocked from properly processing the world.

Join Jennifer Partridge as she clears our blockages and baggage through Tapping. Based on the Emotional Freedom Technique, Jennifer’s approach to Tapping combines neuroscience, traditional talk-therapy, and ancient Chinese medicine to open our energy highways. Tapping helps us fully process our toughest emotions and experiences, putting them firmly in our past — once and for all.

What’s holding you back?

Meet your teacher

Jennifer Partridge is a certified Emotional Freedom Technique facilitator and for more than a decade has helped her students heal trauma in relationships, sexuality, self expression, personal power, and physical health.

“I had PTSD from sexual abuse, anxiety attacks, and was hooked on drugs until I found Tapping. I’d been looking for support but didn’t know where to find it — this method came into my life like an army of angels. All of sudden, years of trauma trapped in my cells began to release, and the overwhelm in my mind began to silence.”

How it Works

Once the course begins on March 25, you will receive a daily email with access to the course videos. This encourages all participants to move through the course together! After March 29, the free period will end and the course will lock. If you want immediate, permanent access, you can buy the course (starting 3/25).

Daily Classes

  • Day 1: Releasing Overwhelm

  • Day 2: Forgiveness

  • Day 3: Healthy Boundaries

  • Day 4: Self-Love

  • Day 5: New Visions

  • Deep Dive: Healing our Cultural & Ancestral Pain

What students are saying:

“One reason I really love Jen is she's really good at taking your darkness and just putting light on it, she's encouraging. She's like, "Oh, you did that? Great. What else?" And just making it all okay, she's very accepting. She's just overflowing allowance. We're kind of trained to think there's a limited allowance in life, and she really instills that there's unlimited allowance. And her teaching style is really fun and light-hearted, and she's unassuming. She comes off just as a playful spirit, but she's literally a master at this work.”

~ Kate G

“I'm in love with this process because it's such a wonderful self-help tool once you learn it, and Jen's materials make it so easy. You can just work on yourself anytime, and I don't know another healing modality that works that fast, that well, that effective without any type of tools or drugs or anything is incredible.”

~ Cynthia D

“I worked on some issues with loving myself and receiving love. And I got really, surprisingly, really emotional. I cried very deeply and I kind of saw that as a huge release, as a huge shift, and as a major shift in my life.”

~ Jara F