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Recover the person you were intended to be.

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Mildly miserable, moderately despondent, total desperation... wherever you are on the spectrum of woe, this 6-day trial will show you a new way to freedom.


Are you feeling unsatisfied, limited, empty, or anxious?
Are you attached to a habit, pattern or belief that causes you pain?
Do you have a problematic relationship to work, romance, social media, drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, food, pornography, or your family?

The 12-step process moves the root causes of our suffering from unconscious unawareness to conscious awareness and offers a systematic approach for healing and radical change in any area of your life.

If you are willing to make the commitment, this program is a tool for creating a new perspective and a new life.

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Meet your teacher

Russell Brand is an award-winning comedian, actor, author, public thought leader, and a passionate activist for mental health and drug rehabilitation. 

He is the author of seven books, including the bestseller Recovery: Freedom from our Addictions and Mentors: How to Help and Be Helped. His weekly podcast, Under the Skin, is available on Luminary, and his Netflix special, Re:Birth, is streaming now.

"There's an assumption that 12-step recovery is for addicts and alcoholics — and that is indeed how I found my way into the program. But what is also true is that 12-step recovery is for everyone."

“This is what I continue to practice on a daily basis.”

Join me and learn a proven system for transforming that which hurts you into that which heals you.


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