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Unwinding Prejudice

with Evelyn Carter

Evelyn is a social psychologist who studies how people detect, discuss, and confront racial bias, and in this course she shares how you can reduce your own implicit biases. Until we understand how our personal prejudices shape our world — and take responsibility for changing them — we’ll reinforce a cycle that has its genesis in the darkest parts of human history.

Redefining Leadership

with Off the Mat, Into the World

We are in desperate need of conscious activism focused on collective healing. This course offer tools that help us lead effectively, bringing our own morals and beliefs to bear on a landscape of fear and cynicism. This includes examining the ways we have internalized the systems we are a part of, and working to dismantle them within ourselves.

Organize a March

with Emi Guereca

Democracy is not an armchair activity, and those in power only respond to the will of the people when the people make their voices heard. Learn how to effectively put feet in the streets and start a grassroots movement with Emi Guereca, Director of Women's March LA. 

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Gandhi


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