Spiritual Activism
with Seane Corn, Tracee Stanley, and Kerri Kelly

November 8-10, 2019
Topanga, CA


What is spiritual activism?


It is honesty and truth telling. It is curiosity and deep contemplation. It is joy and dancing and play. It is leaning in-even when it’s hard and uncomfortable. It is remembering who we are and who we come from. It is being seen and heard and valued. It is power embodied and shared. It is reconnecting with nature. It is community in practice and action. It is the practice out in the world.

Spiritual activism works at the intersection of personal practice and social change. It allows us to cultivate the courage and capacity to confront critical issues of our time and to dismantle the systems that hold us back from thriving. When we come together in shared inquiry and practice, we are able to unlock the truth that lies beyond the limiting beliefs and constructs that are in the way of our deepest knowing and greatest potential.

Through radical self-inquiry, social justice frameworks, and spiritual principles, we can realize the power of our practice to become a catalyst for collective wellbeing and liberation.

Led by renowned teachers and activists Tracee Stanley, Seane Corn and Kerri Kelly, and hosted at Commune’s peaceful, inspiring Topanga retreat center, this transformative experience will offer participants:

  • a practice that will awaken you to the obstacles and limiting beliefs that are in the way of your greatest potential
  • a resource to cultivate the courage and capacity to lean in to the social issues of our time and connect across lines of difference
  • actionable tools to help deepen your spiritual practice as it serves to support continued change, growth and evolution on and off the mat

This retreat is for people who are ready to dig deep, lean in to this moment in the world and do what is necessary to create lasting change for the whole of our society.

About the Property

At the end of the end of the end of a road, nestled in a remote valley of the Santa Monica mountains, is Commune Topanga — a laboratory for living and learning on 10 acres of meandering paths, oak trees, and organic gardens.

Our Lab is where the ideas and practices embraced by Commune play out in real life. It is a gathering place for inspiring teachers and thought leaders. It is a setting to slow down and shift your brain to long-wave thoughts. It is a place to practice, plant, and cook.

But, most of all, the Lab is designed to foster deep levels of connection between people, face-to-face. Whether around the long dinner table or in the yoga studio, on the floor of the tea house or in the countless nooks and epic perches throughout the property, Commune Topanga is a place to do just that: commune. We commune with a higher spirit, we commune with nature, and, most importantly, we commune with each other.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

Meet Your Teachers

Seane Corn

Spiritual practice to fortify
our work in the world.

Seane is an internationally recognized yoga teacher known for her impassioned activism, unique self-expression, and inspirational style of teaching. As a celebrated yogi and activist, Seane teaches an embodied yoga practice that helps us heal, evolve, and transform ourselves and one another.  Seane’s work is designed to spark a “revolution of the soul,” so that we can awaken to our purpose and become true agents of change.

Tracee Stanley

Personal transformation work that unleashes our purpose and potential.

Tracee is the founder of Sankalpa Shakti Yoga School and creator of Empowered Life Oracle. She shares practices through the lens of Tantric Philosophy that reveals exactly where we are asleep in our life, and how we can wake up to create deep personal change. As a former high-level executive in the film industry, Tracee began to notice that this practice provided her with the balance, clarity and perspective she needed to stay calm in the midst of chaos. It is her passion and dharma to create sacred containers for transformation, self-remembrance and activation of inner radiance. Through utilizing the unique methods of Himalayan Masters and revelations from her own personal experience, Tracee will guide students towards the door of awakening to their true nature. 

Kerri Kelly

Social justice frameworks to help us bridge the personal and political.

Kerri is the founder of CTZNWELL - an emerging movement to mobilize people into a powerful force for wellbeing for all.  She is relentless in her commitment to elevating leaders, groups, and projects to next-level social change, and is recognized across communities for her inspired work.  Kerri bridges transformational practices with social change and politics so that change-makers and visionaries can mobilize and organize effectively. Kerri will guide us through a “social practice” that helps us shift culture and build community power—putting people at the center and challenging systems that limit human potential. 

Spiritual activism works at the intersection of personal practice and social change

What does the process look like?

It looks like curiosity and deep contemplation
It looks like joy and dancing and play
It looks like honesty and truth telling
It looks like leaning in-even when it’s hard and uncomfortable
It looks like remembering who we are and who we come from
It looks like being seen and heard and valued
It looks like power embodied and shared
It looks like reconnecting with nature
It looks like community in practice and action 

Our Schedule

Friday, November 8

Guests will join us at the Commune Topanga Property Friday morning to settle into their accommodations for the weekend.  After everyone has fully arrived (in every sense of the word) guests will join Seane, Kerri, and Tracee for a very special Opening Circle to clear space and set the deep intention for the weekend.

In the afternoon, guests will enjoy a fresh, organic lunch specially prepared by Chef Natalie, followed by the Sankalpa Workshop with Tracee and Kerri.

Self-care breaks will be happening throughout the weekend so that everyone has space to reflect, journal, rest, and take in all of the beauty this property has to offer.  Sauna, hot tub, cold plunge, nature trails and overlooks for meditation are open for all to enjoy.

In the evening, we will savor a beautiful dinner together before ending our first day with an evening ritual led by Tracee and Kerri.

Saturday, November 9

Everyone will wake to the sweet sounds of Topanga nature and students can enjoy a light breakfast together before going into a highly intentional yoga practice with Kerri and Tracee.

After practicing, Tracee and Kerri will lead a Relationship Workshop that will take us up to our afternoon meal.

Once everyone has had some time to reflect and digest, Kerri will lead everyone through a Social Justice Workshop followed by a picturesque sunset Hike in Tuna Canyon.

Guests will enjoy another beautiful dinner together under the stars, and then make their way into a sweet Sound bath ritual with Tracee.

Sunday, November 10

Once again we will start our morning with a beautiful, light breakfast prepared by Chef Natalie. From there, we will step into a powerful yoga practice with Seane, and seal the weekend with a very special Closing Circle with Seane, Kerri, and Tracee.

Guests can then enjoy a freshly prepared organic brunch, savor the last beautiful moments together, and take in all of the beauty that the Commune Topanga property has to offer before saying their goodbyes and preparing for their trip home.  


We made a really specific intention when dreaming up this Spiritual Activism Retreat - We designed it in such a way that it was both accessible for people via scholarship opportunities who absolutely could not afford it, but also for available for those people who could. For those of us who have resources are also directly contributing to those who lack them by paying the cost of a full-price ticket. That, in and of itself, is answering the question “What can I do to ensure that other people have access.” That too is activism.

Thank for making your contribution so that wellness is accessible to everyone. The price of your ticket covers all classes, lectures and accommodations from November 8th - November 10th including daily yoga and meditation, hiking, and 3 fresh, delicious, locally-sourced breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 3 dinners created by our own Commune private chef, Amanda, who will be bringing beautiful nourishment to your retreat.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

Scholarship Opportunities

In order to extend our inclusivity beyond those fortunate enough to afford personal change and growth, Commune will be offering a limited number of reduced scholarship spaces, allowing us to connect with other areas of need. If you feel that you qualify, please email [email protected]. Each financial assistance request will be assessed in terms of financial need.

La Casita (Guest House) - King Suite

Weekend lodging in La Casita Guest House with king bed with en suite bathroom in the guest house. It contains one king bed, and is suitable for 1 or 2 guests. 

$1,499.00 per space.


La Casa (Main House) - Double

Weekend lodging in La Casa Main House with single bed and shared bathroom. 

$1,349.00 per space.


La Casa (Main House) - Triple

Weekend lodging in La Casa Main House with single bed and shared bathroom.

$1,349.00 per space.


La Casita (Guest House) - Single

Weekend lodging in La Casita Guest House with single bed and en suite bathroom in main room of the guest house. Suitable for 2 people, either in single bed configuration or as one king bed. 

$1,399.00 per space.


A-Frame Double

Weekend lodging in A-Frame Cottage with 2 single beds or 1 king bed and shared bathroom (outside of unit). Suitable for 1 or 2 people as a private space, either in single bed configuration or as one king bed. 

$1,224.00 per space.


La Casa (Main House) - 6-Bed Loft

Weekend lodging in La Casa Main House 6-Bed Loft Room. Booking is for single bed in shared room and shared en suite bathroom. 

$1099.00 per space.


Camping Pass

Campers have access to all activities and meals.

$999.00 per space.


Commuter Pass

Commuters have access to all activities and meals. These tickets do not include overnight lodging.

$999.00 per space.


"What do you believe is possible, especially in this particular moment, when we embrace spirituality and take it off the mat and into the world?"

- Kerri Kelly

"This is the practice where the activism starts within. Whether or not you go out on the streets to march, it starts with your kids and your husband and the people you work with and you being able to have the courage to speak up when something actually needs to be said. However, you have to have the courage to look within and dismantle your own belief systems because that gives you your fire."

- Tracee Stanley

"If we are really committed to spiritual practice and this idea of interdependency and the understanding that we are all one, the necessary, inevitable part of the practice is going to be having to look towards where we are separate. Where are we not the same? Where are these differences and how do these differences impact all of us? It’s deep work. It’s messy work. And it’s essential. But spirituality gives us tools so that there is some structure that we can work witting to provide meaning and substance."

- Seane Corn

"What are the systems that we live in and how are they set up so that we can advance a culture of equity, of courage, and relationship so that wellness works for everyone? "

- Kerri Kelly

"Since childhood, I have had a heart for activism, but have stumbled repeatedly in my efforts to follow that call.  Through my work with Tracee, I have gained far greater clarity around my soul’s purpose. Yoga Nidra and self-inquiry practices have improved my insight around the desires driving my thoughts and actions – both those which serve and those which distract, and helped me to release the latter.  I  have gained tools for deeper self-inquiry, which frees me from the unconscious behavior caused by my individual impressions as well as societal conditioning.  As I move toward greater freedom through awareness, I can more clearly see the biases afflicting my mind and the collective."

- Natalie Backman
Founder Imagine Fest, E-RYT 500

Refund Policy

If you need to cancel more than 30 days prior to the start of the retreat, you will receive a 100% refund.

If you need to cancel 15-30 days prior to the start of the retreat, you will receive a 50% refund OR 100% credit towards a future Commune event.

If you need to cancel 0-14 days prior to the start of the retreat, you will receive no refunds or credits.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].


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