Discover the tools to cultivate joy and meaning in your life.

Join us for this FREE online event December 14 to 20.

Happiness is an Inside Job

You may not be able to control what life throws at you, but with mindfulness you can learn how to respond with grace. In this summit, you’ll discover the science and magic of meditation to ease the sharp edges of your thoughts and spark gratitude, joy, and purpose.

After just seven days, you’ll come away with new teachings and tools to transform the rest of your life, one moment at a time.


This free summit is made possible by Pukka Herbs

Each day includes a lesson and guided meditation (about 20 minutes per day), and a bonus Speakeasy Talk covering topics such as health, gratitude, resilience, and deep relaxation. All are welcome; no experience necessary. This program is a great introduction to different teachers offering you tools to ease stress and anxiety, create deep rest in your mind and body, and find tranquility in any circumstance.

Guided Meditations by:

Sharon Salzberg

on Opening to Joy

Marianne Williamson

on Our Oneness

Michael B. Beckwith

on Life’s Challenges


on Living in a Beautiful State

Danielle LaPorte

on Gratitude

Tracee Stanley

on Deep Relaxation

Kimberly Snyder

on Connecting with Source 

Light Watkins

on Bliss Meditation

Scott Schwenk

on Setting Up for Meditation

Mindfulness Talks by:

From Wanderlust’s Speakeasy Lecture Series

Wayne Dyer

on the Art of Manifesting


on Science, Nature and the Divine

Seane Corn

on Embodying Spiritual Activism

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

on the Luminous Mind

Krishna Das

on Chants of a Lifetime

Rod Stryker

on the Four Desires

Justin Michael Williams

on Meditation for Getting Sh!t Done

How Commune Courses Work

At Commune learning is a collective experience. From December 14 to 20, you will receive a daily email that includes free access to the daily lessons and meditation. After December 20, free access to the summit will end. If you want immediate access to the full program, you can join Commune Membership.

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"Anxiety impacts 50 million people in the United States alone. Many of us don’t sleep well, can’t focus, worry ourselves into digestive problems, or feel depressed, disconnected, and lonely. Perhaps you are one of them. I certainly was for several years. But one day, after touting the benefits of meditation for years, I finally committed to my own practice. It changed my life. I now use my practice to address the areas of my life that still worry me. Not only has the intensity of my anxiety lessened, but I am also much happier, calmer, productive, and forgiving."

Jeff Krasno
CEO and Co-Founder of Commune

It’s time for some serious sit.
Join us for a moment of collective calm.

This course really is for everyone, from busy parents and stressed-out workers, to those who feel like they are drifting and despondent.

But you don’t need to be “sick” to get better!

When you discover the teachings that resonate with you, you’ll strengthen pathways in your mind that you can walk when you need to — ways of thinking that fill you with a sense of ease not easily described in words.


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