Feel Good to Be You

with Clio Manuelian

Yoga practices to give your body some love and boost your mood in minutes.

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Feel Good to Be You

with Clio Manuelian

Yoga practices to give your body some love and boost your mood in minutes.

This eight pack of yoga classes can be taken individually to target specific areas in need of attention (low back, belly, neck & shoulders, legs & hips), or in endless combinations for deep and complete sessions.

Simple poses, just right for new yogis, and smart cues to keep longtime practitioners interested. It’s easy to shift mindset with these strong, steady sequences. Tons of encouragement accompany the challenge and plenty of feel-good stretches in every practice. 

This series includes five 20-minute and three 45-minute classes.


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on nutrition, creative writing, sleeping better, back health, regenerative agriculture, community organizing, gut health, plastic-free living, natural beauty...

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Commune Courses Focus on 4 Key Areas of Living Well


Movement and contemplation to show up every day as your best self. Yoga, meditation, breathwork, tapping, physical therapy, relaxing self-care.



Live vibrantly in your body and make nourishing choices. Functional medicine, nutrition, healthy food, and natural beauty from the inside out.



Flourish personally and professionally. Cultivate spirituality, live with contentment, achieve meaningful goals, transform how you show up in life. 


Promote positive change and live lightly on the earth. Mindful leadership, environmental regeneration, civic engagement, community building.


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