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Begin your journey to optimal wellness.

Become the CEO of your own health.

We all deserve a life of vitality—and we all have the potential to create that life for ourselves.

In Hacking Your Healthcare, world-renowned Dr. Mark Hyman acts as your Functional Medicine guide, teaching you how to be an active participant at the doctor's office.

He upends the current failed approach of treating symptoms and instead seeks out the root causes for illness. You’ll discover how and why illness occurs and, most importantly, the path to better health.

The medical system won't fix itself. Transform your healthcare today!


What Students Are Saying About This Course

"Thank you Dr Hyman. You are changing the profile of modern medicine and helping so many people. Your message is clear and easy to follow for the lay person and this is an art that not so many have."

- Ghislaine B., Community Member


"I truly learned that I have to be the captain of my ship (my own health). And Dr. Hyman you gave us the resources. Thank you."

- Lois W., Community Member

Course Curriculum


What you'll discover in the full course:

  • Functional Medicine: What it is and how it's different than traditional symptom treatment
  • Why Functional Medicine is the future of patient-doctor relationships
  • Specific questions to ask your doctor on your next visit
  • Why your heart rate & heart rate variability and blood pressure are key metrics to track
  • Understanding the critical waist-to-hip ratio
  • How the food you eat affects your body on a chemical level
  • How to know if supplementation is right for you
  • The genetic marker that can help in achieving optimal health
  • The role of testosterone and estrogen in both men and women
  • How your hormone levels could be causing low sex drive or infertility, and what you can do to correct them
  • Different types of cholesterol, and why they matter
  • Lifestyle changes that can help you feel better
  • An introduction to cardiac inflammation and general inflammation, and what it means for your vital organs
  • How to reduce the risk of blood clots and manage genetic cardiovascular risks
  • Understanding blood sugar and insulin, and the critical relationship between the two
  • The genetic marker that can be an early warning sign for metabolic disorders and Alzheimer's
  • Inflammation: the hidden source of so many health problems
  • Why your white blood cell count matters in your ability to heal
  • Do you have a tiny but harmful fungus inside you (hint: many people do)?
  • Tuning up your cells' "engines"
  • The cellular nutrient that can significantly boost your energy levels
  • Preserving and repairing liver function
  • Identifying mercury and heavy metals levels in your body
  • How your microbiome keeps you healthy, and how to take proper care of it
  • Should you get celiac testing?
  • The right steps to take to heal an irritable bowel

Plus... Brand New Bonus Content!

Each day of the course, Dr. Mary unpacks a common question students have, and what functional medicine has to say about it. You might learn some surprising facts, including how coffee affects blood sugar levels and how probiotics really work.


Bonus Content Curriculum


This is THE most common question we receive with this course! You have decided you to work with a functional medicine practitioner, but how do you find one that fits your needs and goals?

One vital sign that Dr. Hyman covers that most doctors don’t check is heart rate variability. Let’s go through some of the HRV monitors on the market.

If you are deficient in Vitamin D then you are likely deficient in sunlight. So how much sun exposure should you get? And what else should we know about optimal Vitamin D levels?

Estrogen dominance can either be due to frank estrogen dominance, where estrogen levels are too high, or relative estrogen dominance, when progesterone is just too low. What are your options for each of those issues?

Our heart actually sends more information to our brain than our brain sends to our heart. This bi-directional signaling means emotions can play a big role in our heart health, and vice-versa.

Caffeine and stress are two factors that also impact your glucose levels. Let’s talk about why. I also want to touch on one of my favorite herbal constituents that can lower blood sugar levels.

You might be saying, today Dr. Hyman didn’t talk about thyroid, he talked about inflammation! But, did you know that the most common cause of hypothyroidism is hashimoto’s hypothyroidism? At its root, this is an inflammatory condition.

Dr. Hyman talked about how toxins can but a real damper on our mitochondrial function, but there is one thing you MUST be doing on a daily basis to protect your mitochondria...

Heavy metal chelation protocols use compounds like DMSA to pull heavy metals from the tissues so that you can excrete them from the body. There are a lot of contraindications to heavy metal chelation, but I want to focus on one of the least known ones.

The gut microbiome is complicated! Researchers are still learning what all of the microbes in our gut do, and today I want to dig into an emerging treatment for gut conditions.

What Your Purchase Includes:

  • Permanent streaming access to 10 daily lectures with Dr. Mark Hyman
  • 10 bonus videos with Dr. Mary Pardee
  • Audio-only versions of all courses
  • Downloadable course transcripts
  • Daily, easy-to-use summaries, including key physiological markers and tests 
  • Self-diagnostic quizzes
  • Offline access to the course content using the Commune App (iOS & Android) 




10 video lectures with world-renowned Functional Medicine expert Dr. Mark Hyman + 10 bonus videos answering FAQs. In total, more than 4 hours of valuable medical information

Daily handouts, including key physiological markers and tests

Additional resources such as self-diagnostic quizzes

Audio versions and transcripts for all course lectures


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Meet Your Teacher

Dr. Hyman is a practicing family physician, a ten-time #1 New York Times bestselling author, and an internationally recognized leader, speaker, educator, and advocate in his field.

He is the Director the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. He is also the founder and medical director of The UltraWellness Center, chairman of the board of the Institute for Functional Medicine, a medical editor of The Huffington Post, and was a regular medical contributor on many television shows including CBS This Morning, Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, and The View, Katie and The Dr. Oz Show.

“In my many years practicing medicine, I’ve seen the lives of so many patients completely change for the better. When we dig into their nutritional needs, hormone levels, and other essential areas, we’re able to come up with a customized plan that creates truly amazing results. Throughout this course I want to help you do the same.”


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