5 Keys to Immunity

Optimize your body’s resilience with research-backed techniques


Your body is innately designed to heal and repair itself — especially when you maximize your body’s resilience in the face of both pathogenic and chronic diseases.

We think that getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep, exercising, taking supplements such as Vitamin D, and avoiding certain foods is enough. But the answer is not that simple. Current research shows that just as important as doing these healthy things is how and when you do them.

In 5 Keys to Immunity, Dr. Roger Seheult walks you through the latest studies that explain on a physiological level why certain lifestyle changes and simple health hacks can help you avoid getting sick — or get better faster if you do.

You will learn the latest compelling research on how to effectively improve your sleep, time your meals, exercising enough but not too much, and optimize your sunlight exposure as part of an easy-to-follow daily routine.

By the end of this course, you will come away with the scientific knowledge and confidence to improve your immunity, overall health, and quality of life. It's simpler than you might think!




Almost 5 hours (20+ videos) of one-on-one teaching time with Dr. Roger Seheult on the physiology of immunity, optimizing nightime sleep and daytime energy, sunlight exposure, hot and cold therapy, intermittent fasting, and exercise.

BONUS: A 1-hour master class that busts 9 common immunity myths.


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What this course covers:

About Your Teacher

Dr. Roger Seheult is quadruple board-certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Diseases, Critical Care Medicine and Sleep Medicine. His current practice is in Banning, California where he is a critical care physician, pulmonologist, and sleep physician. Roger is also a medical school professor and the co-founder of MedCram, an online education platform for medical professionals.

“There is a timing for everything that happens in your body: When to sleep, eat, look at light, stay off the computer, and work. When we apply this simple approach to our lives, we reap the benefits in terms of our mental and physical health — and immunity.”

Take this course to:

  • Learn practical strategies to boost immunity
  • Enhance your ability to respond to physiological stress
  • Decrease levels of depression, fear, and anxiety
  • Boost your cognitive function
  • Improve sleep quantity and quality
  • Lower your risk for chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer

Maximize your body’s resilience in the face of both pathogenic and chronic disease.