Aging Young with Mariel Hemingway & Bobby Williams

Learn daily habits and practices that will help you feel half your age.


While getting chronologically older is inevitable, feeling old is not.

This course shows you how to feel younger at any age, extend your healthspan, and make your future years really great ones. You'll be introduced to the “seven doctors” of wellness – Sun, Air, Water, Earth, Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest — and how to incorporate them into your daily life through easy-to-follow habits.

Together, Mariel and Bobby offer a new story of getting older, one that’s full of vitality, strength, and, most of all, playfulness.




16 video lessons (3+ hours) on accessible ways to live a long, healthy, joyful life

BONUS feel-good yoga flow led by Mariel

BONUS functional movement practice lead by Bobby

A downloadable, printable workbook to accompany the course, including daily challenges, self-reflection questions, and more


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Meet Your Teachers

Mariel Hemingway is a best selling author, wellness advocate, and leading voice for holistic living, offering a uniquely powerful perspective on mental health. With seven suicides in her family, including her sister Margaux and grandfather Ernest, Mariel has an intimate understanding of depression and addiction — and is steadfast in her mission to pursue a life of peace and purpose.

For decades, she has been sharing her wisdom and experience through holistic living books, yoga lessons, and memoirs, including Out Came the Sun and Invisible Girl. In addition to her work as an advocate and writer, Mariel Hemingway is also an Oscar nominated actress, model, and mother of two.

Stuntman, extreme athlete, writer, and wellness advocate, Bobby Williams has been on a life quest of health and self-healing. He has competed in the Olympic trials and pushed his body to the limits through his career, which exposed him to both the importance of wellness and the stakes of neglecting one’s health. 

Bobby authored Running with Nature: Stepping Into the Life You’re Meant to Live, which he co-wrote with Mariel , Mariel and Bobby have appeared on Oprah, The Doctors, and a variety of inspirational podcasts and series to share their passion for health.

Your life is your choice. You get to say, ‘I want to live a healthy, vital life. I want to live an energetic, amazing life. I want to have relationships that feed me.’ That's your choice. We're giving you permission to make these new choices.

Mariel Hemingway

What You’ll Learn

Each day of the course includes 20-30 minutes of lessons and practices along with a daily challenge in the course workbook.

Learn how to feel half your age

This course will help you embrace new daily habits that promote true vitality.