Ecstatic Breathwork

with Scott Schwenk

Open your breath, open your life.

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Learn how to use breathwork to clear blocks and upgrade your inner state.

We all must breathe–and thus we all have the capability to experience the profound physiological, emotional, and spiritual effects of breathwork.

Breathwork has been used for thousands of years to access the stillness that exists beyond the thinking mind. It is an indispensable method for supporting the body’s peak health and vitality, increasing concentration and awareness, and experiencing profound love and fulfillment from within.

This five-day journey, which includes both lecture and guided breathwork by master teacher Scott Schwenk, creates a safe, accessible container to begin (or build upon) a transformative breathwork practice.

What you'll learn:

  • A powerful, three-part breathing pattern that will optimize the body, digest old and current emotions, and dissolve the tyranny of the ego-based thinking mind 
  • The simple, accessible tools (such as laughter) you can draw on to deepen your practice
  • How to use breathwork to tone the vagus nerve and reduce stress, anxiety, depression and inflammation and improve resilience and immunity
  • How to use the breath to access non-ordinary states of consciousness
  • How to integrate the insights you'll gain in this course into your everyday life

Meet Your Teacher

Scott Schwenk is a hybrid of practicality and visionary insight who has been catalyzing the inner evolution and leadership development of individuals, relationships, and larger groups and organizations for more than 25 years. His work and teaching is a blend of stillness, unexpected expansion, laughter, discovery and potent, actionable insights revealing dynamic inner freedom and a thriving outer life.

Born with intense empathy and clairaudience (intuitive hearing), Scott sought understanding and freedom at every turn. He spent several years living and studying in a Hindu-Tantric monastery in his mid-twenties, and has since cultivated a number of apprenticeships in leadership development, tantric meditation/philosophy, and Vedic ritual. With this experience, Scott does extensive work coaching clients in waking up, growing up, cleaning up, and showing up.

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Course Outline

What Students Are Saying About Scott Schwenk

“I have been breathing my whole life but Scott introduced me to my true breath. One session with Scott was more impactful and spiritually awakening than I could have ever imagined. He is such a generous teacher and mentor with a warrior spirit.”

~ Kevin Peake, Co-Founder and President, Next Health, Los Angeles

“Scott’s the real deal! He led me to the gateway of flow state, on the cushion and out in the real world. I’m more focused, more productive, and waaaaaay more prone to bouts of spontaneous joy. Do you ever feel like you could be living your most fantastical, in the moment, awesome life if you could get out of your own way? Yeah, that was me, too. If that resonates, work with him! ”

~ Coni Constantine, Founder of “Lady Balls Nation” Podcast, Los Angeles

“I found Scott early on my meditation journey. From the beginning, his insight, knowledge and passion taught me to go deeper into the practice and to get quiet when the world is spinning. I utilize his 'Six Points of Softening' on a regular basis. If you choose to work with Scott, trust that things will begin to shift for you.

~ Lu Parker, Emmy Award Winning Journalist, Anchor at KTLA, Founder of Be Kind & Co.

Year after year, our experiences build upon one another, storing imprints in the body and in the nervous system.

These undigested past experiences can create blocks, preventing us from accessing the feelings of freedom and fullness that exist beneath the layers. These imprints cannot be ‘thought’ away; but, we can use intentional breathwork to bring them to the surface and clear them out of the body.

Guided, ecstatic breathwork is a simple but powerful technique to clear these imprints and create space to access and expand our consciousness–on and off the mat.

No matter where you are in your wellness journey, breathwork is a powerful tool for deep inner work and ground-breaking personal growth.