Meditations for Life’s Challenges

with Michael B. Beckwith

Learn to let go of fear and live with purpose

Learn to live through anything, powerfully.

Life is full of challenges — but with a shift in perception we can discover our purpose hidden within these experiences and our feelings. In the process, we transform our inner dialogue to one that is free of anxiety and worry. Using the art and science of meditation and visualization, you will work with life’s common challenges, such as loneliness, lack of “success,” unfulfilled relationships, forgiveness, and fear. Through these practices, you will hone your self-awareness and, as a result, become an active participant in how life unfolds around you.

Life’s challenges reveal the wounded places within that need to be healed and, ultimately, transformed. This course shows you how to recognize these wounds and see the potential for growth that awaits within their healing.





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Daily Lessons


How we see life is based entirely on our perception of it. 

As our perception changes, our experience of life changes. 

We are each given an opportunity to change our internal dialogue so that it matches our soul print, or our purpose, for being on this planet. When we do this, we have a direct encounter with life. 

It begins by understanding that you experience your perception of life. 

In today's lesson, we deal with the challenge and the gift of the body temple, which is signature for how you reveal life, love, peace, joy, wisdom, harmony, and abundance. When the body temple is healthy, you're able to hold more energy. More of life’s cosmic energy can flow through you. 


Your body temple can heal anything, and you're permitting it to heal right now.

Today's meditation is all about changing our relationship with our body temple. You're giving thanks to the body temple for being a vehicle of expression of your uniqueness, power, creativity, and love. You're giving yourself permission to be whole ... right now and always. Only you can do this. You're giving yourself permission to be healthy. You're giving yourself permission to renew and regenerate. The body temple is now an asset, not a liability, to be honored and celebrated. 


From insights come breakthroughs. 

From breakthroughs come growth. 

Today’s lesson is about providing you with the opportunity to create the consciousness necessary for insights to occur. This is how you become the greater version of yourself. 

You're not here to mimic anyone else. You're also not trying to be superior to someone else; rather, you're seeking to be superior to your previous self. You’re seeking greater consciousness and awareness. You’re seeking to create new patterns of behavior, thought, and emotion. That's transformation.


Worrying is like praying, in reverse. 

You’re focused on what you don’t want to happen, and you emotionally rehearse for the worst. 

Together, we'll learn how to break this habit. We'll shift our thinking to stop looking at worst-case scenarios and, instead, create best-case scenarios. What is the best possible outcome? What if something magnificent were to take place? What if something wonderful were to occur?

We are taking back your mind where it has been commanded by the world of fear, lack, disease, and separation. We are taking it back, reprogramming it, and teaching it a new way to perceive what’s possible. 


Your primary relationship is with yourself.

All relationships start with loving yourself first.

Today, we cover the topic of relationships. We’ve been coded to expect relationships as a means to get something, when in fact relationships are ships for transformation. 

A lot of relationships have a lot of baggage because people have a mental concept that the other is to make them happy. No. Happiness comes from within. Joy comes from within. Peace comes from within, and you bring it into the relationship.


Instead of looking at what you can get out of relationships, you'll learn to focus on what you can bring into them. You're not trying to get this. You're bringing yourself to this.

You'll develop a level of coherence around feeling support. Even without an external object, you'll feel supported, loved, appreciated, and you'll bring this frequency with you everywhere.

Your relationships are about to change because you are changing. You're setting yourself free.


People want companionship. People want to be around others, oftentimes to cover up a feeling of insecurity like it’s an imaginary hole within themselves. 

Today, we’ll learn how to deal with loneliness. Loneliness is abated when we are able to like ourselves, when we're by ourselves. The idea is that if you can't like yourself when you're by yourself, you're going to be in trouble when you're with other people. You're going to use people to build yourself up. You're going to be around people all the time, to cover up the feeling of inadequacy that's within you. 

Today, we break free of that. When you begin to fall in love with yourself, while you're by yourself, interactive thoughts of not being good enough or worthy decrease. Inspirational thoughts increase.


When you like yourself when you're by yourself, when you're with others, that's called fellowship. It's called communion with high-minded people. It's not just company for company's sake. 

The focus of the following meditation is learning how to not depend on others to make you feel good about yourself. You're becoming empowered. You're becoming the authority over your awareness. The thought forms of lack and not-enough-ness that may have been exacerbated by comparison are now fading. You're placing your attention on the truth: you are enough, whole and complete. 


Something that's very important to all of us is abundance, prosperity, and financial health. 

One of the first things we have to come to spiritual grips with is that we live in a field of abundance. We're living in a field of infinite energy that's never created or destroyed; rather, it continues to transmute itself over and over again. 

You can't deplete abundance.

Abundance is everywhere.

Today’s lesson is about this field of abundance and our awareness, relation to, and perception of it. It’s important to get that your source of financial prosperity, wealth, and having all of your needs met, is life itself. It's the source of all creation.


In the following meditation, we'll celebrate another person’s success and prosperity. This helps you transcend the ego's perception of lack, limitation, jealousy, envy, and comparison.

In celebrating their prosperity, you’re embracing the seed of prosperity within you, instead of inhibiting it and its growth by the common, false narrative that if there's prosperity somewhere else then that means there's less for you.


Mastering the art and the science of forgiveness is necessary to move through life. Without understanding forgiveness, and without the practice of forgiveness, toxicity builds up in the form of animosity, resentment, and grudges. 

In the practice of forgiving, you're releasing this toxicity. You're releasing thought forms that are producing toxic chemicals within you, your body temple. 

When you live in the frequency of forgiveness, your vibration is lifted. An individual that learns to forgive is a very strong being. The strongest people on the planet are people that carry the frequency of forgiveness, kindness, and compassion. Their capacity to hold more of this dynamic energy flows freely through them.


Today, we're going to allow this meditative moment to carry us into the practice of forgiveness. 

Resentment and animosity are toxins within you. You are empowering yourself, strengthening yourself, and becoming established as an individual that's living at an extremely high vibratory frequency. You are becoming impervious to the onslaught of other people's thoughts, words, and even actions. You are rising into the greatest version of yourself through the power of forgiveness.

Today, we give thanks for these precious moments in which we get to transmute energy through the power of forgiveness. We get to set ourselves free and not incur vibrational debt by thinking that someone owes us something, thus speaking into the law that we're missing something. Not here. Not now. Not you.


No one moves through the human experience without experiencing loss and the subsequent grief that comes from that. This is all part of the human experience, but how we handle grief is extremely important. 

In the following lesson, we'll learn how to mourn. Do not pretend grief isn’t there. Release the emotions. Then at a certain point, you shift your thinking from, "What is the meaning of this loss," to "How can I give this loss meaning in my life?" That moves you from a place of victimhood into being a strong conduit of more energy.

And you celebrate who you’ve lost to death. You celebrate that they existed and, for a brief moment, entered into your field and changed your life forever. 


Acceptance heals.

The focus of today's meditation is on dealing with grief.  We're not trying to get over something. We're trying to use this particular challenge in life to expand our awareness. In doing so, our awareness becomes bigger than the loss. You shift into thoughts, such as "I received a gift. That person brought this into my life."

By embodying the qualities that they exuded and by allowing your life to be a living dedication of them, the loss becomes redemptive. You are now redeeming energy. There's no shame or guilt in you becoming more of yourself - more aware, compassionate, and grateful - because of your relationship with the individual that's not physically here anymore. 


Everyone has a purpose. 

Every life can be lived purposefully. 

To come to the world and leave it the same as when you arrived here means you didn't live your purpose. You didn't give your gift to others and the world. You didn't share your passion. Yet once you begin to feel your purpose and you begin to walk in its direction, the way you have been walking in the past, following the status quo, will begin to disintegrate. It’ll begin to dissolve. Nervousness aside, you keep walking. You keep asking questions and living in an appreciative inquiry about what’s trying to emerge in your life. 

Your new life will begin to emerge, and you’ll live from a higher order of question. 

This is what's waiting for you.


In this moment of meditation, embracing purpose, we're setting something in motion by asking this question: What is your purpose? What is your particular mission within that wider purpose? 

Allow your intuition to speak to you about why you chose to be here, your purpose, to reveal the face of divinity.

You may have been imprinted by the world when you were born into this existence by heredity, but before the imprint, there is a magnificent vibrational pattern of what you would be about. 


Your pain pushes you until vision pulls you.

Vision is different from purpose. We all have the same purpose, but we're all being pulled by a vision or a destiny within us that is seeking to be born through us. Destiny is that which has been planted within you before time began. It's the real you that wants to unfold. When you are pulled by a vision, you wake up with enthusiasm every single day.

When you have a vision and you've articulated the vision, you start to live an inspired life. Your awareness changes. Your body chemistry changes. Your perception changes. You change - or awaken from within - because you’re living at a new level of enthusiasm, pulled by forward by your vision.  


You've heard that pain pushes until a vision pulls, but you want to be able to articulate that vision.

Today, we're going to do a mini "visioning meditation" in which you're invited to tune in deeper to the presence within you. It's always talking to you, but you are up-leveling your listening capacity so that you'll be able to catch a vision in your sleep, catch a vision driving your car, or catch a vision in meditation. It'll start to speak to you because you've asked for it and you’re listening.

You're always being guided by the vision pulling you, but you may not always be listening for it. Today, we’ll listen. 


Life is not separate from you. 

Whether we call life the presence of God, limitless love, intelligence, beauty, whatever we call life, you're an emanation of life. That's a dynamic principle that's unalterable. All of the challenges that we have dealt with have been based on the principle of oneness or unity.

In the following lesson, we'll discuss the importance of welcoming a spiritual practice into your life every day. 

This is not a temporary lifestyle. These practices you have been given, you are to use them on a daily basis. You can pick and choose what you need on any given day, or you can sit and invite vision. You can sit and invite purpose. You can sit and transcend anxiety, or whatever it is you need on any given day.


Visualization can assist you in setting a course for your life.

In today's meditation, we're going to visualize how you begin your day and how you walk through your day. We're going to make a promise and a vow to ourselves. We’re going to visualize waking up and living a divine day, in awakening and awareness. 

Remember, This is a practice. Some days are going to be off-the-chart magnificent. Some days are going to be full of mental turbulence. It's alright. Every day is different.

Meet your teacher

Michael B. Beckwith is a sought-after meditation teacher, conference speaker, and seminar leader, and is the Founder and Spiritual Director of the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles. Highly regarded for his teachings on the science of inner transformation, he embraces a practical approach to spirituality utilizing meditation, affirmative prayer, and his Life Visioning™ process. He is a featured teacher in the film The Secret and was named to Oprah's SuperSoul100 list of visionaries and influential leaders in 2016. His books include the award-winning Life Visioning, Spiritual Liberation, and TranscenDance Expanded.

"Michael B. Beckwith… teaches that the vision we set for our lives begins a sacred process of unfolding that unlocks everything that is unique, mighty and magnificent inside each of us."

Oprah Winfrey

Free yourself from fear.

You’ll come away from this course not only with tools to gracefully navigate life's challenges, but also with knowledge to transform life’s obstacles into sources of personal transformation and purpose.

If you’re ready to free yourself from fear once and for all – while also expanding your awareness to understand who you’re meant to be, this course is for you. You’ll reframe and reprogram your thinking in a way that will change the trajectory of your life.

The world needs you now. It’s time to awaken to the infinite potential inside you and become the greatest version of yourself.

“That universal presence, by law, answers every question that you ask. If you're asking a disempowering question, by law it will mine the databank of human experience and give you all kinds of reasons about what's wrong, who's to blame, what happened in your life that could possibly block you living your purpose. But you don't want to go there. You want to ask, what is it that's within me that's unique and gifted? And if you listen with sincerity, you'll start to feel the nudge from your own soul. You'll start to hear your own inner calling. You'll start to hear your right and your reason for being here on the planet.” 

~Michael B. Beckwith


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