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Pause, Breathe, Be Here Now

with Ram Dass & Friends

FREE 10-Day Meditation Series • January 16 to 25, 2023

Experience the true tranquility of the timeless present.

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Pause, Breathe, Be Here Now is a 10-day meditation series with Ram Dass – alongside Sharon Salzberg, Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach, Ramdev, Joseph Goldstein, John Lockley, Trudy Goodman and Lama Tsultrim Allione – to help you bring mindful awareness into your daily experience. You will let go of “getting somewhere” or “getting something” out of meditation, and instead learn to recognize the profound peace that comes with simply, softly being in the present moment.

Join thousands of people around the world for this collective meditation experience.

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After January 25, free access to the meditation experience will end. If you want to own the full 10-day program, including bonus lessons and meditations, you can purchase it or join Commune’s all-access membership.


"The quieter you become, the more you can hear."

~ Ram Dass

Featuring Daily Meditations & Lessons by Ram Dass

When Ram Dass first went to India in 1967, he was still Dr. Richard Alpert, a prominent Harvard psychologist and psychedelic pioneer with Dr. Timothy Leary. In India, he met his guru, Neem Karoli Baba, affectionately known as Maharajji, who gave Ram Dass his name, which means “servant of God.” Everything changed then – his intense dharmic life started, and he became a pivotal influence on a culture that has reverberated with the words “Be Here Now” ever since. His unique skill in getting people to cut through and feel divine love without dogma is still a positive influence on many people all over the planet.

Bonus Meditations

Joseph Goldstein

Body Awareness Meditation

Sharon Salzberg

Lovingkindness Meditation

Tara Brach

Light Rain Meditation

Jack Kornfield

Forgiveness Meditation

John Lockley

Heartbeat Meditation

RamDev Dale Borglum

Grounding Breath Meditation

Trudy Goodman

Smiling Through the Body Meditation

Lama Tsultrim Allione

Chod (Demon) Meditation


What Commune Teachers Are Saying About Ram Dass

“Ram Dass is one of the great spiritual masters of our time, who was at the same time extremely humble, approachable, and a quintessential storyteller!”

~ Deepak Chopra, MD

“Ram Dass is one of the great sages of our time who can make us laugh, cry, and awaken!”

~ Jack Kornfield

“If the West even approaches enlightenment in the 21st Century, there’s no way to overestimate the role of Ram Dass in making it happen.”

~ Marianne Williamson

"Our whole spiritual transformation brings us to the point where we realize that in our own being, we are enough."

~ Ram Dass

Let Ram Dass bring you into a sweet new year.

Meditate with our global community and tap into a place of infinite peace within.

About Commune Meditation Experiences

Commune Meditation Experiences combine high-quality contemplations from leading teachers with sweeping music and inspirational video artwork to transport you out of your ordinary state of mind. Sit quietly and use headphones for a more traditional meditation experience or stream to a big screen and let the experience fill your home.

About the Be Here Now Network

Ram Dass’ iconic aphorism, “Be Here Now” and his seminal book by that title have been a part of our cultural fabric since the 70s, and have guided so many on their paths of self-discovery. The Be Here Now Network continues the legacy of its namesake book, in supporting today’s rapidly expanding new generation of spiritual seekers through podcasts, courses, and live events, in conjunction with articles, videos, words of wisdom, and meditations

About the Love Serve Remember Foundation

The mission of the Love Serve Remember Foundation is to preserve and continue the teachings of Neem Karoli Baba and Ram Dass. In the spirit of his wishes, the Love Serve Remember Foundation continues and expands on many of the programs so many of us came to know and love during Ram Dass’ life.