Stoic Meditations

with Jeff Krasno

Contemplations to help you cultivate a good life, here and now.

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Find clarity, purpose, and resilience through life's challenges.

The common usage of the adjective “stoic” – the unemotional endurance of hardship – belies the true nature of Stoicism, a brilliant philosophy of personal ethics founded in the 3rd century BC.

Stoicism is rife with wise maxims often derived from the oratory of the three most famous Stoics: Seneca, Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius. In fact, the repetitive recitation of these aphorisms is central to the ethos. However, if there is a single quotation that epitomizes Stoicism, it may be this one from Marcus Aurelius, who served as the Emperor of Rome from 161 to 180 AD:

“Objective judgment, now at this very moment. Unselfish action, now at this very moment. Willing acceptance – now at this very moment – of all external events. That’s all you need.”

Stoic Meditations with Jeff Krasno offers 10 contemplations to live a fulfilled life and minimize suffering. These exercises are framed by the three central Stoic disciplines: perception, action, and will. By refining the discipline of perception, you find mental clarity. By engaging in action that is ethical and just, you find purpose. And by exercising will, you learn how to identify and manage the things you cannot change and find the resilience to deal with life’s challenges.

Through these disciplines you will cultivate the stoic virtues of moderation, courage, justice, and wisdom. The ultimate goal: eudaimonia, the achievement of human flourishing and the minimization of human suffering.

This course is for you if you want to:

  • Cultivate greater contentment and gratitude
  • Better understand the nature of wisdom
  • Find truth, rather than worry about being “right”
  • Foster productive dialogue between people
  • Feel more fully present and alive
  • Incorporate ancient philosophy into modern day life

Meet Your Teacher

Jeff is CEO and Co-Founder at Commune as well as the host of the Commune podcast and primary author of Commusings, a weekly newsletter filled with contemplative commentary on the current and timeless. In the course of research for his many interviews, Jeff was introduced to Stoicism and found it to be a powerfully practical philosophy for our modern problems.


What to Expect

Stoic meditations are more like active contemplations versus seated mindfulness practices where the goal is nonattachment to thoughts. Each 5-10 minute lesson offers a fresh practice that, when you apply concentrated attention to it, results in a positive emotional state.

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Here at Commune, we believe wellness is a daily habit. Once you sign up, you will receive the welcome 1 lesson immediately, followed by Day 2 at midnight Pacific Time. After Day 5 the free period will end. To get immediate access to the full course to move through at your pace, you can purchase lifetime access or join Commune Membership.

Develop the skills to live with presence and gratitude

You can’t always change the world around you, but you can change your own thoughts and actions in the present moment.