The Chill Pill

with Schuyler Grant

5 free doses of body-melting breathwork + restorative stretching.

Heal mind & body in 20-minute classes.


The breath is potent medicine.

Chill Pill is your opportunity to radically slow down.
To see for yourself how doing less actually does more for you.

We are a society wound up by stress and anxiety, yet the medicine for our ills is with us at all times — the breath. We just have to unlock its healing potential.

This is a fact: Mammals with the lowest resting heart rates live the longest. These are also the same animals who breathe the slowest. The best way to hack your resting heart rate – and by extension to perhaps hack your life expectancy – is to slow down and enhance the quality of your breathing.

The Chill Pill with Schuyler Grant is a FREE “breathing boot camp” designed to slow, lengthen, and deepen your breathing. The results will be profound: relief from persistent stress and anxiety, better sleep quality, improved digestion, faster physical recovery, and overall more efficient breathing.

Each 20-minute session includes seated breathing exercises, light stretching and movement, and restorative reclined pranayama — all set to a seamless custom soundtrack by DJ Taz Rashid.

Meet Your Teacher

Schuyler Grant has been practicing and studying yoga for more than 20 years. Her signature style integrates the breath-based flow of Ashtanga with the precision of Iyengar. She is a co-founder of Wanderlust and the founder of Kula Yoga Project, and is dedicated to bringing her students deep and transformative mind-body experiences.  

“Breathing is not only about sucking air in and out for a cellular exchange of oxygen and waste. Each breath serves a much more subtle function of regulation, signaling to the body when to activate and when to quiet.”

This course is for you if you want to…

  • Relieve persistent stress and anxiety
  • Fall asleep more smoothly
  • Feel grounded and relaxed
  • Drop into a deep meditative state
  • Improve the efficiency of your breathing
  • Boost endurance and recovery

How to Enjoy Your Free Course Pass

Here at Commune, we believe wellness is a daily habit. Once you sign up, you will receive the Day 1 lesson immediately, followed by Day 2 at midnight Pacific Time. After Day 5, the free period will end. To get immediate access to the full course, you can purchase lifetime access (50% off + $300 in bonuses) or join Commune Membership.

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What to Expect

Each 20-minute class features three distinct phases: Seated breathwork and light movement followed by yin yoga postures with longer holds. Finish with reclining breathwork that slides you in a deep resting state.

Are you ready to experience the true power of your breath?

Because when you’ve taken this kind of chill pill, everyone around you benefits from you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Most of all you. 

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