The Secrets to Healthy Aging

Simple strategies to live long and live well.

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For decades, the scientific community has viewed aging as inevitable — so why bother studying it?

But what if aging were more like a disease?
What if you could even cure it?

In this 1-hour master class, Dr. Mark Hyman shares the latest research on what lifestyle strategies can slow or even reverse the biomarkers of aging. He also shares the science behind the idea that if you live well, you can die young … after a very, very long time.

“The body has an inherent system for shutting down the processes that accelerate aging. When you activate this system, you increase stem cell production, you reduce inflammation, you increase antioxidant enzymes, you build muscle, you lose fat, and you increase cognitive capacity.”
~ Dr. Mark Hyman

Join this class to learn:

  • Why some people live much longer (and healthier and happier) than others
  • Why 90% of your health is not determined by your genes, but by the inputs to your genes
  • How to reprogram your biology with simple diet and lifestyle changes
  • How you can actually age in reverse
  • What might happen if you hit “longevity escape velocity”

About Your Teacher

Mark Hyman, MD is a practicing family physician and internationally recognized leader, speaker, and educator in the field of Functional Medicine. He is the founder and director of The UltraWellness Center, Senior Advisor for the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, and a fourteen-time New York Times best-selling author.

Dr. Hyman is also the founder and chairman of the Food Fix Campaign, dedicated to transforming our food and agriculture system through policy, the host The Doctor’s Farmacy podcast with 125+ million downloads, and a regular medical contributor to shows such as CBS This Morning, Today, Good Morning America, The View, and CNN.

What Commune Students Are Saying About Dr. Hyman

“Mark Hyman is amazing. Very concise and helpful. A wealth of information.”

~ April

“I finally feel like I have some direction on where to start in this journey for better health.”

~ Christi

“This was a fantastic course! I woke up excited... So many eye-openers...”

~ Nathalie

You have built-in longevity programming. You just have to learn how to turn it on.

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