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Flourish personally and professionally. Cultivate spirituality, live with contentment, achieve meaningful goals, transform how you show up in life. 

Paths of Liberation
Alan Watts

This 10-day course introduces you to potent philosophies that shift your understanding of the supposed problems you face and offer new avenues for contemplation and transformation.

Spiritual Makeover

Marianne Williamson


In this 4-part workshop, Marianne offers “spiritual basics” — foundational wisdom on how the universe operates and how you can leave behind a fear-based mentality.

The Wellness Master Class
Brendon Burchard

Cultivate long-lasting happiness by addressing your core mindsets and daily habits, from how you set priorities to how you handle overwhelm.


Russell Brand

Use the 12-step system to untangle yourself from problematic relationships to work, romance, social media, drugs, alcohol, sex, food, pornography, or your family.

Compassionate Resilience

Sharon Salzberg

Bring presence and balance, wisdom and love, to any circumstance you face, including the most challenging.

The Nature of Reality

Deepak Chopra

Learn how matter, energy, information, and everything we consider reality—from your next thought to the most distant star—is simply a modified form of yourself.

Wisdom of the Mystic


The mind can be a misery-manufacturing machine, or with the proper tools and intention, we can take charge so that it produces connection, peace, and love.


Marianne Williamson

Marianne addresses the unconscious barriers holding us back from truly experiencing love in our lives, whether those relationships are romantic or with our parents, siblings, children, friends, or co-workers.

Meditations for Life’s Challenges 

Michael B. Beckwith

Life is full of challenges – loneliness, lack of "success," physical ailment – but with a shift in perception you can discover your purpose hidden within these feelings.

Practical Mysticism

Michael B. Beckwith

Reconnect to and awaken eight divine inner states, including love, peace, harmony, joy, abundance, and bliss. 

The Work

Byron Katie

Learn how to identify and question any thought that keeps you from feeling free and happy with four simple questions.

The Desire Map Course

Danielle LaPorte

Stop reaching for external benchmarks and instead get very clear on how you want to FEEL. Then you can create goals with soul.

Help for the Hurting Heart

David Kessler

Help for a Hurting Heart with David Kessler guides you through the grieving process in a way that leaves you feeling at peace and free to create a life of meaning after your loss.

Live Fearlessly

Anita Moorjani

Cancer survivor Anita Moorjani guides you toward loving yourself as if your life depends on it – because it does! 

The Art of Stopping Time

Dr. Pedram Shojai

Discover where you are leaking time and then reinvest that extra time in enjoying what matters most to you. Reshape your relationship with your to-do list!

Finding Business Clarity

Sophia Amoruso

Get clear and confident on how to build the right business for your lifestyle and the impact you want to have in the world.

Bravely You

Koya Webb

Learn Koya’s six steps to lasting love alongside guided meditations, daily reflections, and practices for genuine self-care. 

Live in a Beautiful State


If you want a life of abundance, you need to nurture a beautiful internal state. Learn to walk out of anxiety to live in calm.

Peace of Mind Parenting

Dr. Rebecca Branstetter

Learn how to respond versus react, foster calm amongst chaos, and manage both your own stress and your children’s.

Learn to Human Better

Lauren Handel Zander

When we hear “personal integrity,” we think of how honest and reliable we are with others. But what about your commitment to you?

Every Day is a Poem

Jacqueline Suskin

With provocative questions and writing practices, this celebrated poet helps you focus your senses, cultivate curiosity, and create your own document of the world’s beauty.

Teaching the Teachers

Marianne Williamson

Marianne helps teachers discover the deepest version of themselves and effectively offer that wisdom to their students.

Free and Clear

Danielle LaPorte

Reflect on your past year and use that wisdom to do a life re-set. Assess, take what you want, and let go of the rest.

Stoic Meditations

Jeff Krasno

Contemplations to live a fulfilled life and minimize suffering. These exercises are framed by the three central Stoic disciplines: perception, action, and will.

Your Next Bold Move
Brendon Burchard

Make the best decisions for your life and get ready to create inspired plans to achieve your next level in life.

Adventures in Spirituality

Lift the veil of ordinary consciousness to see your life with more clarity, experience greater ease, joy, and love, and heal the wounds of your past.


Live vibrantly in your body and make nourishing choices. Functional medicine, nutrition, healthy food, and natural beauty from the inside out.

Immunity Reimagined
Dr. Jeff Bland and Dr. Austin Perlmutter


Learn how your immune system dictates your physical and cognitive health – and even how you behave – based on the messages it receives from food, chemicals, and even your thoughts and emotions.


 A Return to Wholeness
Dr. Gabor Maté


In this 4-part workshop, physician and trauma expert Dr. Gabor Maté untangles common myths about what makes us sick, connects the dots between psychological pain and the warped values of our culture, and offers a compassionate guide for health and healing.

 The Younger You Method
Dr. Kara Fitzgerald


This 10-day course teaches you both the science and the practical protocols behind reducing your biological age.

 Navigating Perimenopause and Menopause
Sara Gottfried, MD


This full-length, 4-part course teaches you what your body needs to thrive through midlife. 

Vital Health

Zach Bush, MD


Examine the building blocks of human biology and how we arrived at current misconceptions around nutrition, disease, and living well.

The Superpowers of Your Gut

Zach Bush, MD


Explore how we live in miraculous symbiosis with trillions of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites.

Transforming Trauma

Dr. James Gordon


Effective, evidence-based approaches to reversing the effects chronic stress and tension inflict on your mind, body, and spirit. 

Beauty Inside Out

Kimberly Snyder


Learn how to feel whole and beautiful with the Four Cornerstones of Beauty (food, body, mental well-being, spiritual connection). 

 Gut Health
Dr. Mary Pardee


Develop a better understanding of your own digestive system so you can optimize your energy levels and improve how you feel every day.

The Emerging Science of Longevity
Dr. Mark Hyman


Learn the root causes of aging and how to optimize your body for long-term wellbeing through simple diet and lifestyle strategies — and, if you choose, cutting-edge therapies.

Hacking Your Healthcare
Dr. Mark Hyman


Learn how to work with your doctor to get the Functional Medicine tests you need to tackle the root causes of disease.

 Balance Your Hormones
Dr. Jolene Brighten


Lay the foundation for healthy mood, appetite, sex drive, fertility, and overall well-being, no matter your age.

 Good Mood Food
Jason Wrobel


Take control of food’s effect on your emotions! Learn the science – and recipes – so you can feel your best. 

 Sleep Better
Dr. Michael Breus


Everything is better
with a good night’s sleep. A few changes to your bedtime routine and daily schedule can greatly improve your life. 

 Living Well with Ayurveda
Dr. Siva Mohan


Understand what your body is telling you, identify patterns of imbalance, and learn how to best nourish yourself.

Ayurvedic Nutrition

Nidhi Pandya


Learn the Ayurvedic principles of eating well so you can make informed, aligned, and empowered choices based on what your unique body needs.

 Empowered Birth
Schuyler Grant


Tap into the knowledge of a wide range of pre- and post-natal experts + lots of pre-natal yoga and post-partum practices.

 5 Keys to Immunity
Dr. Roger Seheult


Explore the latest studies that explain on a physiological level why certain lifestyle changes and simple health hacks can help you avoid getting sick — or get better faster if you do.

 Quick & Easy Plant-Based Meals
The Happy Pear


Learn to elevate the flavor and nutritional value of what you eat — without making life complicated!


Promote positive change and live lightly on the earth. Mindful leadership, environmental regeneration, civic engagement, community building.

Paul Hawken


Move from frustrated passivity to being vibrantly involved in environmental issues in a way that makes sense to you, rather than reacting with shame and blame.

Political Hope 
Charles Eisenstein


What happens if “our side” wins but nothing changes? Learn how each of us can contribute to a much deeper political revolution than mere victory.

Unwinding Prejudice
Evelyn Carter


Learn how to uproot implicit mindsets, deconstruct institutional power, and lay the groundwork for a more equitable society.

Redefining Leadership
Off the Mat, Into the World


Join Seane Corn, Suzanne Sterling, and Hala Khouri for lessons and embodied practices to help you be a more conscious activist.

Healing Conversations
Justin Michael Williams


Have productive, important conversations – no matter the topic – so you can use your voice to create positive change.

The Plastic-Free Challenge
Kate Nelson


Reduce plastic in all areas of your life and experience the incredible empowerment and health benefits that come with this shift.

Soil is the Climate Solution
Finian Makepeace


Become a knowledgeable, inspiring advocate for regenerative agriculture — one of the most important environmental solutions of our time.

Principles of Permaculture
Quail Springs Permaculture


Whether you have a small apartment balcony or acres to farm, this course will empower you to live in closer relationship to that which sustains you.

Citizen Power
Nathalia Ramos & Ben Sheehan


Get the civics education you missed (or may have forgotten) from high school and learn how to move forward the issues you really care about.

The Power of Showing Up
Shelly Tygielski


Dig deep into who you’re called to be, so you can strengthen your relationship to yourself and those around you with authenticity, courage, and clear purpose.

Run for Office
Julie Oliver


Learn how to get on the ballot, assemble a team, connect with constituents, organize volunteers, and get your message out to voters. You can do this!

Organize a March
Emi Guereca


Are you passionate about an issue? Learn how to put feet in the streets and start a grassroots movement.


Mindful movement and contemplation to show up every day with energy and ease. Yoga, meditation, breathwork, tapping, and relaxing self-care.

Speaking with the Divine
Marianne Williamson


The practices in this course will help you replace fear with love and darkness with light. Whatever challenges you face, these transformative messages will stay within your heart, accessible when you need them the most.

Qigong: The Eight Brocades
Mimi Kuo-Deemer


This 5-day course introduces you to an ancient martial artform and medical philosophy for creating optimal health and vitality in all layers of life—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Pause, Breathe, Be Here Now
Ram Dass & Friends


This 10-day meditation series with Ram Dass – alongside other notable meditation teachers – will help you bring mindful awareness into your daily experience. 

Yoga for All
Adriene Mishler


In this 14-day, beginner-friendly program, each class builds on the next like a good book, inviting you to cultivate a strong home practice and find what feels good. 

Mind Like Sky
Jack Kornfield


Daily meditations to create spacious inner calm. Let your mind be like the sky — accepting of all that passes through it while holding on to none of it.

Simple Self-Care
Colleen Saidman Yee


Experience a potent mix of yoga therapy, gentle movements, restorative poses, breath and body awareness, essential oils, and meditation.

21-Day Yoga Challenge
Schuyler Grant


Whether you’re new to yoga or a longtime resident of your mat, Schuyler’s alignment-based approach will help you build a strong foundation for your practice.

The Journey
Chelsey Korus


Expect inventive, thoughtful sequences of standing and seated poses, arm balances, backbends, and inversions — set in epic natural locations.

Jiu-Jitsu for Self-Defense
Rener & Ryron Gracie


Ryron and Rener are third-generation Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructors in the legendary Gracie family and are world-renowned for their ability to teach this incredibly effective self-defense method. 

Sound Consciousness
Mickey & Zakir


Created by Grateful Dead percussionist Mickey Hart and tabla virtuoso Zakir Hussain, this course offers mind-bending meditative sessions designed to bring you into the infinite now.

21-Day Meditation Challenge
Light Watkins


Light's simple-yet-powerful approach can help quiet the monkey mind, reduce stress, and get your to-do list off repeat in your head.

Ignite Your Yoga Practice
Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts


This is a sweet introduction to slow flow and restorative yoga, soothing meditations, and daily tools for self-reflection.

Tap Away Stress
Nick Ortner


In this 10-day Tapping challenge, Nick Ortner guides you through short yet effective Tapping sessions that help ease the many stressors of daily life.

The Release
Mary Beth LaRue


The Release is a sweet treat of slow flow vinyasa mixed with juicy restorative poses. Savor your unwind.

Rewilding Human Movement
Tony Riddle


Build healthy variability and playfulness into your movement routine and create greater resilience in your physical body.

Deep Relaxation
Tracee Stanley


This Yoga Nidra program explores the layers of the subtle body (physical, energetic, mental, intuitive and bliss) as well as the states of consciousness (waking, dreaming and deep sleep).

Create Your Own Adventure
Briohny Smyth


You can practice each 20-minute sequence in this 5-part series on its own or mix and match them to create longer classes.

The Path to Presence
Murray Hidary


This 10-day walking meditation course is paired with MindTravel music and guides toward a deep, embodied understanding of the most common human emotions.

Ecstatic Breathwork
Scott Schwenk


This five-day journey creates a safe, accessible container to begin (or build upon) a transformative breathwork practice.

Meet Me on the Mountain
Caley Alyssa


Put a spin on your practice with the creative sequencing in this Chaturunga-free class pack. Classes include hip and chest-openers, balancing poses, core work, inversions, and twists.

Noah Mazé


Systematically build strength, flexibility, and stamina with Noah’s challenging method. Practice with precise alignment and a sense of play while exploring your edge.

Yoga Strong
Noah Mazé


Each class in this 5-part yoga series offers poses, skills, and drills to increase stability, strength, and controlled range of motion in a specific region of the body.

Guided by Biet
Biet Simkin


Biet offers non-traditional breathing and meditation practices that strengthen your capacity to feel, deal, and heal. Learn a wide range of tools to transform your life from the ground up — free of judgment and fear.

License to Chill
Jennifer Elliott


From hips to heart, spine to sacrum, these yin and restorative sequences use gravity, propwork, and gentle guidance to coax you into a fully melted state of being.

Breath, Body, Beats
Schuyler Grant


In this 21-day yoga challenge, Schuyler teaches you how to connect breath to movement to music so you can access a place of pure presence.

Introduction to Blissology
Eoin Finn


Blissology merges yoga asana with the forces of nature to connect to one's truest self. Balance Yin and Yang forces to create a better flow of energy throughout the body.

All at the Wall
Matt Phippen


The wall is one of the most useful props available to us in our yoga practice. This class pack features dynamic sequences that are short and sweet — and potentially sweaty.

Break Out of the Addiction Frequency
Tommy Rosen


If you are tired of hurting, this workshop offers tools based on the technology of yoga, breathwork, and self-awareness.

Yoga for Healing & Hope
Paul Denniston


This 7-part all-levels course will help you heal what hurts so you can turn your struggles into strengths and your pain into peace.

Grounding Into Grace
Schuyler Grant


Progressively ground down through every part of the body – from your hands and feet to your hips, forearms, and shins – to create ease in your movement.

The Wellest Challenge
Jacy Cunningham and Mary Beth LaRue


This 10-day program combines fast-paced cardio with slow-flow restorative yoga.

Tap into Healing
Jennifer Partridge


Use the Emotional Freedom Technique (aka "Tapping") to help yourself fully process stress, overwhelm, and trauma. 

Back to the Core
Schuyler Grant


In this workshop, Schuyler shares the techniques and exercises she used to heal her own chronic back pain — and still uses every day.

Vinyasa for Life
Schuyler Grant


This 21-day yoga challenge combines learning how to move safely and confidently on your mat with easy-to-follow (but challenging!) all-levels flow yoga classes.

The Fixx
Schuyler Grant


45 minutes of vigorous vinyasa and no-nonsense instruction set to a kick-ass, all-original soundtrack. Move, breathe, and sweat to the beat, which evolves to match the progression of class.

Resonance Flow
Schuyler Grant


This 10-day, all-levels yoga course combines a slow, conscious, “resonance” breath pattern with vinyasa yoga to help you soothe your nervous system and downshift from overdrive.

The Chill Pill
Schuyler Grant


The breath is potent medicine. Each session of this 10-day program combines seated breathing exercises, light stretching and movement, and restorative reclined pranayama.

Living from the Heart
Scott Schwenk


This 10-day, all-levels meditation course is your invitation to tap into the infinite potential of the Deep Heart so you can experience vitality, purpose, and fulfillment.

Neutral is Powerful
Matt Phippen


Neutralize mind and body in this yoga series that works both sides of the body, beginning and ending with neutralizing poses to restore balance.

Your Strongest Arm Balance Ever
Chelsey Korus


Prepare for flight and develop the necessary tools for arm balance excellence! Increase wrist flexibility, stabilize the core, develop keen body awareness, and further your understanding of slow, controlled movement.

Flow with Intention
Chelsey Korus


Through vinyasa yoga and journaling, learn how to access flow both on your mat and in your life. Learn to live without fear, self-judgment, or distraction.

Steady Strength Pilates
Justine Malick


Justine leads you through a stabilizing Pilates series for your core, spine, hips, hamstrings, and glutes.

Feel Good to Be You
Clio Manuelian


Simple poses, just right for new yogis, and smart cues to keep longtime practitioners interested. It’s easy to shift mindset with these strong, steady sequences.

Kula Flow
Schuyler Grant and Nikki Vilella


Beloved by vinyasa junkies worldwide, Kula Flow is a progressive sequencing method that artfully blends attention to detail and devotion to flow.

The Studio
Wanderlust Yoga Teachers

The Studio offers access to a wide range of classes and teachers in an informal, conversational format.

Superhero Training
Schuyler Grant


This series designed for beginner-to-intermediate students to progress toward arm balances such as Crow Pose, Flying Pigeon, and Flying Splits, without attachment to lift off.

Abundant Joy
Scott Schwenk


Dissolve old patterns and stories once and for all with breathwork, mantra, meditation, and deep work in the seven chakras.

Commune Summits

Multi-day programs featuring a wide range of top teachers.

Choose Your Own Yoga Adventure (Summer Edition)

This 5-day class pack offers something for everyone — from brand new beginners to seasoned yoga students. Choose from four different curated series or mix and match to create the perfect, personalized flow.

Commune's Health & Longevity Summit

This 10-day summit brings together some of the world’s leading functional and integrative medicine experts to help you understand which protocols, nutrition choices, and other factors best support vibrant health, now and for years to come.

A Path for Healing People & Planet

This program hosted by Zach Bush, MD and Farmer’s Footprint gathers together thought leaders focused on regenerative agriculture, because healthy soil, communities, economies, and people all form one essential ecosystem.

Commune’s 7-Day Wellness Summit


In this 7-day course, more than 30 world-renowned teachers share their insights on a wide range of wellness topics so you can feel more focused, engaged, caring, and fulfilled in your life.

Commune Wellness Summit


25+ sessions cover a wide range of physical, psychological, spiritual practices so you can find the teacher and tools that resonate with you.

The Summit of Your Life


Powerful lessons from an array of spiritual leaders, personal development authors, yoga and meditation teachers, and social and environmental activists.

Women's Health and Happiness Summit


20+ teachers share techniques to ease stress and overwhelm, tap into your inner knowing, and set a heart-centered direction for your year.

10-Day Community Yoga Challenge


Each day features three different classes, from beginner to intermediate-advanced, and spanning styles from vigorous vinyasa to restorative. 

7-Day Meditation Summit


Over 7 days, 15+ teachers offer keynote lessons and daily practices to bring the benefits of meditation and mindfulness into your life.

10-Day Meditation Summit


Learn from 14 top teachers and experience more peace and calm in your life – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – in 15 minutes or less per day.

The Spiritual Survival Guide


This program addresses the primary states of our pandemic suffering: psychological (fear, frustration, anxiety), physical (interrupted routines, need for healthy movement), and social (loneliness).

Yoga & Meditation for Relaxation


Our "Stress-Free Summit" offers ten yoga, meditation, breathwork, and mindfulness practices to help you reduce stress and feel at ease – in 20 minutes per day or less.

Election Season Self-Care


Weather a turbulent and virulent election season with 14 respected teachers in spiritual health, compassion and resilience, political philosophy, and mindful movement.

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