Thriving Through Midlife & Beyond with Chip Conley

Reframe aging from a crisis to a chrysalis — a magnificent opportunity for reinvention and revitalization.


Your 40s, 50s and 60s are rich with potential. You’ve grown enough wisdom to know what’s important and are getting comfy in our own skin — just as it starts to sag. Yes, your sense of humor, humility, and emotional intelligence should grow with age, too. 

This course will help you master the art of self-renewal with mindsets and practices for constantly evolving while also leveraging your experience and emotional intelligence to lead by example. In short, you will learn how to become a modern elder, someone who is equal parts student and sage, intern and mentor.

A guide to aging with curiosity and confidence.




7 video lessons on cultivating curiosity, confidence, and a growth mindset as you get older — in total more than 2 hours of one-on-one teaching time with Chip

Daily self-reflection questions and prompts to help cultivate your wisdom and share it with others

BONUS: 50-minute conversational lesson that explores the concept of a modern elder in depth


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Meet Your Teacher

Chip Conley is on a mission to reframe our relationship with aging. As the founder of the Modern Elder Academy (MEA), the world's first midlife wisdom school with regenerative communities, Chip is disrupting both the idea of higher education and senior living. He has both a BA and MBA from Stanford University and an Honorary PhD in Psychology from Saybrook University. He’s been a TED speaker at the prestigious annual conference multiple times. His newest book is Learning to Love Midlife: 12 Reasons Why Life Gets Better With Age.

“The moment you realize how much life is still ahead of you is the moment you start to ask yourself, what is something I could do with this additional life? This is why I started surfing and learning Spanish at age 57.”

What Teachers Are Saying About Chip

“If we are lucky enough, midlife will find us all, but that doesn't mean crisis has to accompany it. The brilliant and beloved Conley reminds us that with transition and uncertainty comes possibility. No, our doors are not closed, after forty, fifty, sixty: in many ways they are more open than ever.”

~ Esther Perel

“This is ultimately about how we can develop deeper connections, disrupt how we think about teaching and learning, and make more meaningful contributions in our lives and careers.”

~ Brené Brown

What You’ll Learn

Each day of the course features a 15-20 minute video lesson along with a self-reflection practice. 

This course can help you: 

  • Reimagine what getting older can look and feel like 
  • Let go of your emotional baggage, limiting mindsets, and obligations that no longer serve you
  • Transition with grace toward new, exciting opportunities
  • Connect with your passions and purpose
  • Fully enjoy the underrated perks of aging