Abundant Joy

with Scott Schwenk

Breathwork and Meditation to
Elevate Your Inner State in 7 Days

All True Power Is From Within.

Imagine waking up every day with the feeling that
ALL YOUR NEEDS are fulfilled, with a surplus.

Abundant Joy with Scott Schwenk is a transformational 7-day course that guides you into the center of yourself through breathwork, mantra, meditation, and deep work in the seven centers, or chakras, of the body. You’ll get clear on what’s holding you back and have the tools to dissolve old patterns and stories once and for all, moving into alignment with your true nature: abundant joy.


We live in a tensed-up, stressed-out, never-enough world. There’s never enough time, never enough money, love, or freedom. You are left feeling worried and unworthy, repeating cycles of behavior that perpetuate your sense of lack.

It’s not your fault you were taught scarcity. “Lack” is a learned energy state that can be unlearned. The only thing preventing you from living in abundance are tension patterns that accumulate over time, robbing you of your natural expression. 


Any concern that you won’t have enough
goes against the very nature of the Universe. 

The fastest, most potent and powerful way to dissolve your tension patterns and transform your life is through practices such as those taught in this course — breathwork, meditation, and mantra.




Each day of this 7-part program offers a dharma talk, daily breath pattern, unique affirmation practice10-15 minutes of meditation, and 30-45 minutes of ecstatic breathwork practice

PLUS: Six toolbox videos to set you up well, three bonus meditations, and more. In total, more than 9 hours of teaching time with Scott


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Meet Your Teacher

Scott Schwenk is a hybrid of practicality and visionary insight who has been catalyzing the inner evolution and leadership development of individuals, relationships, and larger groups and organizations for more than 25 years. His work and teaching is a blend of stillness, unexpected expansion, laughter, discovery and potent, actionable insights revealing dynamic inner freedom and a thriving outer life.

Born with intense empathy and clairaudience (intuitive hearing), Scott sought understanding and freedom at every turn. He spent several years living and studying in a Hindu-Tantric monastery in his mid-twenties, and has since cultivated a number of apprenticeships in leadership development, tantric meditation/philosophy, and Vedic ritual. With this experience, Scott does extensive work coaching clients in waking up, growing up, cleaning up, and showing up.

"This course is for anybody who really wants to grow and is willing to put in the time. If you're willing to be an active participant in this course, you will grow. And you will grow rapidly. You will grow in ways that you couldn't even imagine. You and the people around you will be grateful."

This course is for you if …

There is a restlessness in you that you can’t quite explain to family or friends 

You worry on a daily basis about never having enough (time, money, happiness, love) 

You are ready to heal from your past and lack mindset in order to activate real abundance in your life

You want to learn how to become less reactive and more proactive 

You are committed to creating your own incredible breakthroughs in life 

You are ready to understand yourself better and at the deepest level of being

You are ready to receive and experience the comfort that you are infinitely supported and all of life is organizing for your success 

• • •

In this course, you’ll learn

Powerful breathing patterns to move into a state of abundance 

The role mantras play in personal growth and manifestation 

Supportive tools for clearing blocked energy and releasing old beliefs 

Techniques for fully releasing the past’s imprint on your current outlook

Ways to balance your inner state and access deeper parts of yourself 

What tension patterns keep you stuck and how to let them go

How to integrate insights from the course into your daily life

Daily Lessons

  • Dharma Talk: Mulhadara (Root) Chakra
  • Breath Practice: Grounding Anti-Anxiety Breath
  • Affirmation Practice: “The Source of all creation pulses within me ceaselessly.”
  • Meditation Practice: Softening the body.
  • Ecstatic Breathwork (40 minutes)
  • Dharma Talk: Svadhisthana (Sacral) Chakra
  • Breath Practice: 7 count breath for Focus
  • Affirmation Practice: “My inner nature is endlessly creative and the source of all true joy.”
  • Meditation Practice: Letting go.
  • Ecstatic Breathwork (40 minutes)
  • Dharma Talk: Manipura (Navel) Chakra
  • Breath Practice: The Bellows Breath
  • Affirmation Practice: “I build and direct the energy of will to align with the source of all of creation within.”
  • Meditation Practice: Shifting your vibrations.
  • Ecstatic Breathwork (40 minutes)
  • Dharma Talk: Anahata (Heart) Chakra
  • Breath Practice: Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breathing)
  • Affirmation Practice: “Love is neither given, taken, nor caused. It is an expression of the true nature of me and all of existence.”
  • Meditation Practice: Opening your heart.
  • Ecstatic Breathwork (40 minutes)
  • Dharma Talk: Vishudha (Throat) Chakra
  • Breath Practice: Kumbacka (Breath Holds)
  • Affirmation Practice: "All true power is within."
  • Meditation Practice: The empowered mantra.
  • Ecstatic Breathwork (40 minutes)
  • Dharma Talk: Ajna (Third Eye) Chakra
  • Breath Practice: A cleansing breath practice.
  • Affirmation Practice: “I choose to see reality as it is, one eternally abundant force appearing as all objects and beings.”
  • Meditation Practice: Energizing the body.
  • Ecstatic Breathwork (40 minutes)
  • Dharma Talk: Sahasrara (Crown) Shakra
  • Breath Practice: Shining Skull Breath
  • Affirmation Practice: "Joy is a function of surrender, of opening to and being consciously lived and moved by source."
  • Meditation Practice: Power of your mind.
  • Ecstatic Breathwork (40 minutes)

Six toolbox videos to set you up well for this course, including:

  1. The Four Levels of Listening
  2. How to Sit for Meditation
  3. Setting & Manifesting Intentions
  4. How to Work With Mantra
  5. Grounding Practices
  6. Setting Up for Active Breathwork Practice

PLUS: This course is designed so you can repeat these 7 days in a 21-day cycle and includes three extra start-of-week videos with additional guidance and teachings.

BONUS! We just couldn’t stop filming with Scott, so this program also includes three bonus meditations (10, 20, and 30 minutes in length), great for any time.

"I have been breathing my whole life but Scott introduced me to my true breath. One session with Scott was more impactful and spiritually awakening than I could have ever imagined. He is such a generous teacher and mentor with a warrior spirit."

~ Kevin Peake
Co-Founder and President, Next Health, Los Angeles

"I found Scott early on my meditation journey. From the beginning, his insight, knowledge and passion taught me to go deeper into the practice and to get quiet when the world is spinning. I utilize his Six Points of Softening on a regular basis. If you choose to work with Scott, trust that things will begin to shift for you."

~ Lu Parker
Emmy Award Winning Journalist, Anchor at KTLA, Former Miss USA, Founder of Be Kind & Co.

"Scott’s the real deal! He led me to the gateway of flow state, on the cushion and out in the real world. I’m more focused, more productive, and waaaaaay more prone to bouts of spontaneous joy. Do you ever feel like you could be living your most fantastical, in the moment, awesome life if you could get out of your own way? Yeah that was me too. If that resonates, work with him! He will guide you with love, humor and bonus sprinkles of life hacks along the way."

- Coni Constantine
Founder of “Lady Balls Nation” Podcast, Los Angeles

"I don't have the language to express the depth of experience I have had over this course. The more I have repeated it, the more profound Scott's words and insights with every talk have become. This has been a life-changing experience for me, and I am eternally grateful."

- Buyisiwe S
Former Ecstatic Breathwork Student

"Thank you so much, Scott! I am so grateful. I released so much sadness and opened my heart over the course of this program. At the very end of the integration I felt so connected. I felt the oneness and so much love, bliss, gratitude, and joy. This was exactly what I needed at this point on my journey. Bless you."

- Jen
Former Ecstatic Breathwork Student

"Thank you for this five-day experience. I have been able to move through areas of blockage emotionally and physically, finding truth in the breath and a growing sense of peace and purpose."

- Margot S.
Former Ecstatic Breathwork Student

"These 5-days changed my life. Thank you so much, Scott, for providing a safe container to explore breathwork."

- Caitlin
Former Ecstatic Breathwork Student

From Joy, Everything Flows.

This is a potent course. A lot of energy is going to move. It's designed that way. It's designed to expose limitations so that they can be dissolved. By the end of this course, with your full and active participation, you will find yourself letting go of past pain, the feeling of lack, or ongoing worry — finally and fully. That leaves you free to live in and experience greater states of contentment and joy. 

Congratulations on your choice to grow and to awaken more deeply to your true nature!


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