Free + Clear

with Danielle LaPorte

Review your year. Reset your future.

This is not your typical “year in review.”

Free + Clear is about reflecting on your recent past and using that wisdom to do a life re-set. We vet through both your calendar and your heart’s experience to assess, take what we want going  forward, and let go of the rest. We get informed on our interior landscape. And then we make better decisions about where we want to go from here. And by “better” I mean more intentional, more joy-focused, even more courageous. More conscious and loving.

Plan from an expanded perspective, not a limited past—from clarity, not conflicted desires.





10 daily videos, as well as audio versions and transcripts

15 worksheets (printable, if you want)

11 embodied rituals for letting go, creative renewal, and sticking by your commitments


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Free + Clear is about inner attunement in support of outer attainment:

  • Reframing obligations into conscious choices. 
  • Shifting resentments into empowerment.
  • Letting go of what isn’t serving you anymore.
  • Putting systems of wellness + happiness into place.
  • Choosing how you perceive  your past. Because what you think about your past, influences how your future unfolds.

Free + Clear is designed for you to look back on your past year or the last few seasons. This is not intended to be a whole life review. If the last twelve months brought something personally traumatic for you, then this course is meant to sit alongside some psychotherapeutic support system that you have. 

And by the way… this is a lot of fun, as well. It’s not just a heavy-duty excavation. It’s a juicy—and productive conversation with your heart and your calendar.

Meet Your Teacher

Danielle LaPorte is a speaker, poet, painter, former business strategist and Washington think tank exec. She is the author of White Hot Truth: Clarity for keeping it real on your spiritual path — from one seeker to another, The Fire Starter Sessions, and The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul. 

Entrepreneur Magazine calls Danielle, “equal parts poet and entrepreneurial badass...edgy, contrarian... loving and inspired.” Her website,, was named one of the “Top 100 Websites for Women” by Forbes and has been called “the best place online for kickass spirituality.”

Here’s the flow...

Part 1: Retrospection

Review the year. And this is KEY: through a HEART perspective and a CALENDAR lense. The highs and lows, micro and macro—without the self-criticism. You’ll examine your “obligations,” and reframe them into conscious choices. And we’ll zoom in closer to see the feelings—and thoughts—that the events of the last year created for you. Because how you look at the past informs your future.

Part 2: Conscious Gratitude

This is about turning your pain into power with DISCERNING gratitude—and no spiritual bypassing.

Part 3: Pleasure

Being in pleasure leads us to deeper joy—which can be a homecoming to your fuller self. Your pleasure empowers you, so let’s work it into your plans. Part of the restoration is releasing what no longer serves. Plus: reflection prompts and a planning guide at the end to help us incorporate the sacred into our calendars.

Part 4: Reset

Part of the restoration is releasing what no longer serves. Plus: reflection prompts and a planning guide at the end to help us incorporate the sacred into our calendars.

This is about living proactively instead of reactively. This is what it means to direct our own course… As opposed to always trying to get somewhere else “over there,” year after year.

And here's the daily rundown:

Day 1 - Introduction to Free + Clear

The Free + Clear Course is about reflecting on your past year or season, and using that wisdom to do a life reset. We assess, we take what we want, and we let go of the rest. 

Day 2 - Busyness + Reframing Obligations 

Our language shapes our reality. Re-frame obligations into conscious choices. Then your obligations become a more powerful form of service and self respect.

Day 3 - Highlights + Lowlights 

You’re going to reflect from two different vantage points: your heart and your calendar. First the heart, then logic-brain. 

  • Worksheet: Year in Review—The Highlights + Lowlights  

Day 4 - Micro + Macro Happenings 

Look back at the last year. Zoom in to see what happened… then zoom in closer to see the feelings—and thoughts—that your experience created for you.

  • Worksheet: Micro + Macro Happenings 


Day 5 - Joy, Growth + Habits

We’re going to inventory the joys AND the happinesses. Your greatest learnings. And your best new habits and rituals. The things you did for yourself and your life that made a positive difference. Then we’ll look at what didn’t work. (And we’ll go in with an OBSERVER’S MIND.)

  •  Worksheet: Joy, Growth + Happiness 
  • Worksheet: What Worked + Didn’t Work 


Day 6 - Stuff + Value, Stopped Doing, Patterns 

What did you pick up and clear out last year? How did you fill or create open space for yourself? Then: what patterns do you see throughout your worksheets so far?

  • Worksheet: Stuff + Value
  • Worksheet: Stopped Doing 
  • Worksheet: Patterns 

Day 7 - Conscious Gratitude

Sometimes forcing gratitude for our pain or challenges is “spiritual bypassing.” This exercise will help you move out of that spiritual glamour space, so you can transform suffering from challenges into clarity and power. 

  • Worksheet: Empowered Gratitude
  • Worksheet: Active Gratitude 


Day 8 - Prioritize Pleasure

Being in pleasure is the experience of PRESENCE—it brings you home to your full self, your true self, your God self. Pleasure is a doorway to the divine. 

  • Worksheet: Your Ideal 3 Days 
  • Worksheet: Pleasure 5 List


Day 9 - Active + Passive Letting Go

  • Worksheet: Reset / Let Go 
  • Worksheet: Reset / Pleasure / Continue + Begin


Day 10 - Rituals for Letting Go + Celebrating

Rituals come alive in the heart––they are active blessings. They infuse our actions with meaning, they pull in divine support. Rituals crystallize our intention, and THEN we take action. This collection includes a few of my favourites for letting go and creating newness.

  • Worksheet: Rituals for Letting Go 
  • Worksheet: Rituals for Celebrating + Beginning

What You Get with Purchase

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When your to-do list starts to feel HEAVY it’s time to pause. Not for lunch. But to open up this program and use it to reflect (for real) on your recent past so that you can find better ALIGNMENT.

Fresh Content

10 videos. 15 worksheets (printable if you want to take them to go). 11 embodied rituals for letting go, creative renewal, and sticking by your commitments. Catharsis and clarity at YOUR pace.


"I'm so grateful… I cried and cried and got SO CLEAR with the free and clear workbook—the "stop doing" section is already radically shifting how I'm approaching my time (bye-bye smartphone addiction)."

Melissa S.
Desire Map Student

"This is a SPECTACULARLY useful exercise. And exactly what I need at this moment, when I'm still trying to finish strong… and set myself up for a miraculous year."

Kelly D.
Desire Map Student

"I was STUNNED by how powerful the [Free + Clear Retrospection] exercise proved to be in such a short amount of time. Bless you a thousand times over for sharing your gifts! ♥️💋"

Desire Map Student

"My planner and being focussed on my Core Desired Feelings has seen me through a rollercoaster year and honestly through losing my mum has been the rock I’ve clung to when the grief washed over. The Free + Clear worksheets are a great way to dive down into the depths and find the treasures there. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am re-lit! 💜💜💜"

Desire Map Student

The Free + Clear Origin Story

Plus, how this fits with The Desire Map Course


Free + Clear is a prequel to The Desire Map experience. First we review your recent past, do some letting go, and then we tap our desired feelings. Once the slate is clean and the wisdom has been extracted with Free + Clear (sweet relief!) then The Desire Map takes you through a deep process for making heart-centered and practical plans. 

During the launch of Free + Clear, you can bundle this course with the Desire Map Course for just $299. That's less than the full price of the Desire Map Course on its own! 

These combined processes will take you through your inner terrain to outer action––all in alignment with your heart's genius. Depth FTW.

Click here to learn more about the Desire Map Course


What Other Teachers Are Saying...


Author of
A Return to Love

“Danielle is a bright light in the modern priestesshood.”

Eve Ensler

Creator of the Vagina Monologues, Founder of VDay

“Danielle is a force field of energy, wonder, humour, and love.”

Dr. Mark

10-time New York Times Bestselling Author

​"Danielle's ​deep clarity and realness are a healing combination—and it’s right on time for our culture​."

"We can see that so much of who we are today is a result of how we’ve been living—the good, the stressful, the joyful, the not-so-conscious, and all the blessings. And taking stock of a that… that’s a big deal."


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