Discover the small shifts you can make immediately in your everyday life to positively impact your health and vitality. 

Ayurveda is ancient wisdom to best support our modern lives.

The key is knowing how to hear the wise health within you.


Ayurveda can help you…

what your body is telling you

Identify patterns of imbalance
Know how to best nourish yourself
Choose what is healthy for you

One of the biggest problems we struggle with is that we don’t know what to do with how we feel. This could be in any particular system of the body or how we feel in our hearts. 

Living Well with Ayurveda is a 10-day course that provides a clear, simple framework to help you better respond to how you feel, so you can feel your best in your body and your life.

This course is for you if you're ready to...

  • Feel at home in your physical, emotional, and mental bodies
  • Hear and understand what your body is telling you
  • Learn how how to respond accurately to your body’s needs
  • Identify and address patterns of imbalance
  • Know how to make aligned, nourishing choices
  • Explore or embrace an Ayurveda-inspired lifestyle

Meet Your Teacher

Dr. Siva is a big picture person. An integrationist. A pattern seer. As a U.N. Social Affairs Officer and working globally with private clients for over 10 years, Dr. Siva realized that even educated, active people are missing the basics of wellness. Across cultures and continents, we are leading lives set up for chronic disease and discontentment. With an MD and a background in behavior change and education, Siva presents an empowering East-West Mind-Body version of Ayurveda. She guides her audience to build self awareness, emotional wellness, and clean life energetics.

“Ayurveda is transformative. It’s like having x-ray vision. You can see the deeper layers of your body, mind, and emotional patterns—and then you can learn how to be in the driver’s seat of your own health and happiness."

Watch this 10-Day Course




More than 6 hours of video course material with Dr. Siva that features her four-step process for optimal health as well as practice demonstrations 

A 35-page in-depth course workbook that includes dosha charts and self-reflection questions to personalize the material to your unique needs 


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1,000+ daily practices including yoga, meditation, breathwork, journaling, and much more

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Course Outline

Small Shifts Can Have a Big Impact

The first half of the course is learning the PROCESS of applying Ayurveda to your busy, modern life in easy, micro-changes that make a positive difference in how you feel. During the second part of the course, you’ll look at how to best nourish your digestive and emotional health through the lens of Ayurveda, since these two systems influence all other areas of the body.

You’ll come away with the confidence to sort through your body’s information and look at the context of what’s happening in your life, so you can make the necessary small shifts and micro-changes that have the biggest impact on your health and vitality.