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Self-Inquiry for Social Action

Learn how to lead with mindful presence

The world is in crisis. We face humanitarian, environmental, and political issues of apocalyptic scale and we are in desperate need of conscious activism focused on collective healing. More than ever, we need to be developing the tools that help us lead effectively, bringing our own morals and beliefs to bear on a landscape of fear and cynicism. If we want to be leaders of change working toward justice for all beings, we must examine the ways we have internalized the systems we are a part of, and we must work to dismantle them within ourselves. Only then can we effectively and positively transform the world.





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Additional Information

Day 1 - Do the Work
with Seane Corn, Hala Khouri, Suzanne Sterling
Explore your intention for choosing to lead, and commit to truth-telling and self-inquiry.

Day 2 - Practice for Action (40min. yoga class)
with Seane Corn
Learn how our actions are bound, from personal practice to global liberation.

Day 3 - Spirit, Power, and Intention
with Seane Corn
Connect to something beyond yourself, realizing the common strands of existence.

Day 4 - Prayer Practice (45min. yoga class)
with Seane Corn
Become an embodied prayer for universal healing and connection.

Day 5 - The Mind-Body Connection
with Hala Khouri
Explore your personal pattern of stress response.

Day 6 - Grounding Practice (30min. yoga class)
with Hala Khouri
Turn wounds into strengths by going through difficulty, not around it.

Day 7 - How Trauma Shapes Us
with Hala Khouri
Learn to heal others by healing yourself.

Day 8 - Finding Your Voice
with Suzanne Sterling
Discover the strength and power in sound as a physical force.

Day 9 - Sound Liberation Practice (30min. yoga class)
with Suzanne Sterling
Sing out the song of your existence.

Day 10 - Block, Build, Be
with Suzanne Sterling
Study the different paths of activism and turn your intentions into an action plan.

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Day 1: Do the Work

Day 2: Practice for Action

Day 3: Spirit, Power, and Intention

Day 4: Prayer Practice

Day 5: The Mind-Body Connection

Day 6: Grounding Practice

Day 7: How Trauma Shapes Us

Day 8: Finding Your Voice

Day 9: Sound Liberation Practice

Day 10: Block, Build, Be

Meet Your Teachers

The founders of Off the Mat, Into the World™, Seane Corn, Suzanne Sterling, and Hala Khouri are internationally celebrated teachers who have been leading workshops on yoga, healing, and transformation for over 20 years.

They started Off the Mat 12 years ago as a collaborative effort to build a movement of people dedicated to activism and consciousness-raising. They have trained thousands of leaders all over the globe.

You are moments away from learning practices to spark powerful personal and communal change

In yoga, everything is connected. We ALWAYS carry our work on the mat out into the world, and thus we must start our activism by dismantling the systems within through deep inquiry, truth-telling, and love. Learn to ask the right questions, use your practice to find clarity, and sit firmly yet humbly in your ability to lead.

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“Leadership is love, communion, recognizing and honoring interdependence not just through words, but through true action. It is doing whatever we can in our own capacity to show up in our families, in our communities, in our nation, and in our world so that we can unite, come together, and make whole.”

~ Seane Corn, Redefining Leadership


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