Tai Chi for Health with Dr. Paul Lam


Build inner strength through this ancient practice of slow, mindful movement. Great for all ages and abilities!

Tai Chi for Health with Dr. Paul Lam introduces you to core movements and concepts from this ancient Chinese practice. With patient, step-by-step instruction, Dr. Lam teaches you a tai chi warm up, sequence, and cool down you can practice for decades — even for the rest of your life!

Take this course to:

  • Improve your balance, flexibility, and posture
  • Build inner strength and mental resilience
  • Soothe chronic pain and care for your joints
  • Bring your mind and body into harmony
  • Learn a moving meditation practice you can do for the rest of your life

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Part 1 includes 8 days of tai chi lessons and accompanying practices to help you cultivate inner strength, better balance, and overall health — in total more than 4 hours of teaching time with Dr. Paul Lam!

Part 2 includes four extended lessons (20-30 minutes each) designed to deepen your understanding and practice of of tai chi.


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Meet Your Teacher

Dr. Paul Lam is a world-renowned tai chi expert, physician, and founder of the Tai Chi for Health Institute. With more than 40 years of experience, he is a leader in the field of tai chi for health improvement. He has helped facilitate multiple research studies and taught thousands of tai chi teachers and students.

“Tai chi is like climbing a mountain. The view gets more beautiful and the air is fresher with every step. In every practice you discover something new.”

What Students Are Saying About Dr. Lam

“Dr. Lam's delivery is full of the same warmth that one gets from practicing Tai Chi — a strong and gentle calm.”

~ Kate

“I cannot tell you how much it has helped not only my joint pain but overall I feel a peacefulness I have never experienced.”

~ Amanda

“Dr. Lam's sincerity and magical Qi emanates through the screen. He's very skilled, a true master.”

~ Ann Marie

Guided Lessons and Practices

Each day features a 10-20 minute lesson followed by a 10-20 minute practice.

Part 1 Lessons

  • Day 1: Dan Tian Breathing + Learn the Warm Up & Cool Down
  • Day 2: Waving Hands Stationary
  • Day 3: Posture Tips + Waving Hands, Moving to the Left
  • Day 4: Waving Hands, Moving to the Right
  • Day 5: Refinement – the concept of song (relaxation)
  • Day 6: Refinement – the concept of jing (tranquility)
  • Day 7: Leisurely Tying Coat
  • Day 8: Refinement – Visualization

Part 2 Lessons

  • Learn the Extended Warm Up and Cool Down
  • Sinking Your Chi
  • Delivering Force
  • Cultivating Your Chi

Soothe and strengthen mind and body with slow, gentle movement

Dating back to the 16th century, tai chi is a mind-body practice proven in hundreds of clinical studies to boost overall vitality and wellness. Research shows tai chi can not only improve flexibility, ease pain, and prevent falls, but also help reduce depression, stress, and anxiety.