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with Jennifer Partridge

Learn how to clear out fear-based thoughts, memories, and emotions

Let go of what’s not serving you.

Join Jennifer Partridge on a journey of healing as she uses the Emotional Freedom Technique to help us fully process our stress, overwhelm, and trauma. Combining traditional talk therapy and neuroscience with the meridian points from Chinese medicine, Jennifer teaches us how to process difficult emotions and painful experiences, clearing the way for a life lived joyfully in the present.


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Additional Information

Day 1 - Releasing Overwhelm
Day 2 - Forgiveness
Day 3 - Healthy Boundaries
Day 4 - Self-Love
Day 5 - New Visions

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Day 1: Releasing Overwhelm

Day 2: Forgiveness

Day 3: Healthy Boundaries

Day 4: Self-Love

Day 5: New Visions

Deep Dive: Healing Our Pain

BONUS: Intro to EFT/Tapping

BONUS: Tapping Process

BONUS: Tapping Points

Meet Your Teacher

Jennifer Brooke Partridge has been working in the holistic fields of body, mind, and spirit for over ten years. She has spent time traveling the world, studying ancient knowledge in remote locations, monasteries, and in tribal villages across India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia and across South America.

She is a certified Emotional Freedom Technique facilitator and has assisted many in the healing of traumas in areas from relationships, personal power, sexuality, self expression & creativity, and physical health.

You are moments away from learning how to release overwhelm, clear your fear, and step out of pain...

Your mind is the seat of your health and wellness. If you’re holding on to the past, worrying about the future, or carrying any other kind of baggage, it’s impossible to be functioning at your best. Detoxify your mind, open your heart, and step fully into the person you know you can be.

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“I had PTSD from sexual abuse, anxiety attacks, and was hooked on drugs until I found Tapping. I’d been looking for support but didn’t know where to find it — this method came into my life like an army of angels. All of sudden, years of trauma trapped in my cells began to release, and the overwhelm in my mind began to silence.”

~ Jennifer Partridge, Tap Into Healing

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