Teaching the Teachers

with Marianne Williamson

10 days, 35 years of wisdom


Discover the keys to a successful career

Calling all teachers, healers, leaders, therapists, life coaches, spiritual guides, and anyone aspiring to be a beacon of light and love in this world. In this 10-day course, Marianne Williamson shares 35 years of experience to help you connect with the deepest version of yourself and effectively offer that wisdom to others.


Find your voice • Move beyond “platitude sandwiches” • Navigate challenge and failure • Stay inspired • Gather students • Align personally and professionally •  Build healthy relationships • Know what to teach • Speak publicly and hold space • Maximize your impact

Course Details

Teaching the Teachers includes close to 5 hours of instructional and bonus content.
Stream the videos to any computer or mobile device!

14 Lecture Videos

At the heart of this course are one-on-one teaching moments with Marianne. Explore everything from deep spiritual truths to practical considerations such as how to write well. You will reveal something new about yourself every time you revisit these videos.

11 Group Sessions

In these roundtable discussions with up-and-coming teachers, Marianne shares her no nonsense advice for how build a career with great integrity. As she tells them: "Find your purpose? There's nothing to find. Be your purpose!"

Bonus Audio Meditations

We recorded three magical moments on set where Marianne offered up downloadable audio meditations as additional content for this course. These include: Meditation for Physical Healing, Meditation to Fill with Light, and Meditation on Our Oneness.

Meet Your Teacher

Marianne Williamson is a New York Times best-selling author, spiritual thought leader, dynamic public speaker, and former congressional candidate. 

Her first book, A Return to Love, inspired by A Course in Miracles, thrust her into the national spotlight in 1992 when Oprah featured Marianne on the show. Since then, Marianne has never looked back, penning 12 books and inspiring millions of people to cultivate a life of love and to bring their best selves into the world.

"I've reached a point in my life where I feel I’m holding a bag full of treasures—lessons I've learned from my own years of spiritual ministry, lessons both personal and professional—and I’d like to pass them on to those who can use them."

Spiritual wisdom to uplift your teaching

“The spiritual life is not where you make something happen—it is where you allow everything to happen. How we can move from ‘dispensing information’ to being a conduit for transmission?”





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