The 21-Day Yoga Challenge

with Schuyler Grant
Make a powerful physical, emotional, and spiritual shift in your life.


60 poses. 1 body. Flow fundamentals.

A healthy flow yoga practice teaches us many things — how to breathe through discomfort, how to lean into challenge, and how to connect mind and body. Whether you’re relatively new to yoga or a longtime resident of your mat, Schuyler’s alignment-based approach will help you build a strong foundation for your practice and good habits for the rest of your life!

Starting from the ground up, Schuyler introduces 60 essential postures and teaches you how to incorporate them into a functional and expansive flow series. After three weeks of daily, 20-minutes sessions you will be able to practice confidently at home or jump into a group vinyasa class.




21 yoga classes, including video and audio files.

More than three hours of bonus classes with Schuyler! The first two bonus classes incorporate all 60 poses taught during the Challenge, and the Flow Remedies series teaches you how to use flow-style yoga therapeutically.

Bonus Class 1 (60 minutes)
Forward Bending, Twisting, and Balancing Poses

Bonus Class 2 (75 minutes)
Back Bending, Hip Opening, and Arm Balancing

Flow Remedies (15-20 minutes each)
Ankle Pain and Stabilization
Wrist Pain and Strengthening
Shoulder Pain and Strengthening


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Meet Your Teacher

Schuyler Grant is the founder of Kula Yoga Project, co-creator of Wanderlust, and a passionate teacher of alignment-based vinyasa yoga. Schuyler discovered yoga when recovering from a back injury and is known for her signature style that integrates the breath-based flow of Ashtanga with the precision of Iyengar.

Schuyler opened the first Kula just 2 blocks north of Ground Zero in 2002, in an effort to help bring some heart and community back to Lower Manhattan. Since then she has created 200- and 300-hour trainings for both Kula and Wanderlust, and built the yoga program for Wanderlust Hollywood.

What Students Are Saying About Schuyler

“Just amazing! Thank you Schuyler for an amazing challenge! Wishing you many more years as the fantastic teacher you are!”

~ Jenny

“Thank you Schuyler Grant for the amazing 21 day Yoga challenge. It really helped me connect with myself, my body and my creativity fantastically. I have yet to get to the head stand, but practice makes perfect.”

~ Robin

“Thank you so much Schuyler Grant! Because of you I'm able to relax and breathe while I'm playing around!”

~ Bianca

Course Outline

Each day of the program features a 20-minute session.

It's yoga practice, not yoga perfect.

This course focuses on the basic building blocks of each pose so you can adapt your practice to your body. Set the intention, commit to three weeks of daily yoga — and let the process unfold.