The Path to Presence

with Murray Hidary

Walking meditations for emotional growth and well-being

The Path to Presence

with Murray Hidary

Walking meditations for emotional growth and well-being

Emotions will always exist inside you.

Knowing how to embrace and process them is the path to true freedom.


The Path to Presence with Murray Hidary of MindTravel Music is a 10-day walking meditation course that allows for a deep, embodied understanding of the most common human emotions.  

If you are new to meditation, find sitting meditation difficult, or simply love to move your body mindfully, this course is a great opportunity to journey through tangled thought patterns toward feeling free.

And whether you walk and listen or simply watch the "virtual strolls", you will learn how to transform any emotion into a healthy experience of growth. The greater mastery in handling your emotions (versus being handled by them) will lead to more space and choice in your reactions, and, through that, more freedom.

In this course, you’ll discover:

  • The powerful presence that walking and music combined can create for your meditation practice 
  • Emotional literacy—the skill to identify, name, and fully embrace and experience your emotions
  • Why walking during meditation helps create new possibilities of awareness 
  • The ability to respond (versus react) to your emotions with more choice and freedom

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10 walking mediations with visual journeys to accompany you

Over 5 hours of meditation content to help you relax, reflect, and better understand your emotions

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What Meditators Are Saying

"It’s literally as if Murray drops into the energy that resides at the deepest level of your being and plays the soundtrack to your soul. ... This moment is translated into some of the most beautiful music you’ve ever heard."

Meghan Monahan, Meditation Teacher

"Thank you very much for the powerful, enriching experience. Healing, empowering, rejuvenating… words cannot express the blissful enrichment gained through this journey."

Cherry, MindTravel Walking Meditator

"Thank you for such a wonderful, unexpected experience! It was a really affirming experience for me personally."

Samuel, MindTravel Walking Meditator

What is Walking Meditation & How Does It Work?

Music-driven, walking meditation is a powerful alternative to sitting meditation, as the brain in stillness and silence naturally generates thoughts to fill the space. But the right music and movement can occupy the mind's attention in a way that creates new possibilities for inner attunement.

Each walking meditation in this course is about 30-40 minutes long and designed to deepen your understanding of a particular emotion. You can listen to these meditations as audio-only while walking, or you can play the video at home for a virtual experience. Simply follow the prompts and instructions as you go!

Meet Your Teacher

Murray Hidary, the talent behind MindTravel Music, is a composer, artist, and entrepreneur who is dedicated to helping people find new possibilities of awareness. Touring the globe, Murray uses his music and passion for meditation to ignite transformation and help people connect the seemingly disparate elements of this world, and live in a constant dance of unfolding the hidden universe.

“While life can occur as stressful, challenging, and painful, through this simple practice that can be done anywhere, we can find our freedom."

When you embody an emotion, you experience it in a way that frees you from its charge.

It’s time to experience the FREEDOM to feel your emotions in a healthy, uplifting way.