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Make 2021 your best year yet.

It’s a time for resolutions, so let’s make a bold one: The year ahead will be your best year yet. How? By elevating your wellness in all areas of your life — from your health and mindset to the quality of your relationships and your sense of purpose.

Commune’s The Summit of Your Life features 10 daily lessons from an array of spiritual leaders, personal development authors, yoga and meditation teachers, and social and environmental activists. Together, these sessions guide you toward clear, achievable resolutions in the key areas needed for your health and happiness.

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Picture this: You feel vibrant and alive in your body. Your mind is clear and calm. Your relationships are full of love, and your days are full of purpose. 

When challenges arise, you navigate them with courage and conviction. You feel connected to the world and empowered to advocate for meaningful change. 

This is what it feels like when all areas of your well-being are in balance.

Whether you want to shift from surviving to thriving financially, do work with meaning and purpose, fully heal your body, or meet a life partner who meets you where you are, you can’t pursue these resolutions in isolation. To unlock your highest potential, your body, mind, and spirit must all be aligned with intention.

Now, are you ready to stop imagining and start living your best life?

How Commune Courses Work

At Commune learning is a collective experience. From January 25 to February 3, you will receive a daily email that includes a 10- to 20-minute lesson. By signing up you will also get access to a library of premium yoga and meditation classes so you can pair an embodied practice with each day of teaching. After February 3, free access to the summit will end. If you want immediate access to the full program, you can join Commune Membership.

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Daily Lessons by:

Russell Brand

on Acknowledging Your Problems

Danielle LaPorte

on Suffering and Letting Go

Dr. Mark Hyman

on Your Fundamental Health

Brendon Burchard

on Setting Intentions with Clarity

Dr. Pedram Shojai

on Finding Time in Your Day

Wim Hof

on Strengthening Your Commitment

Marianne Williamson

on Love and Relationships

Sharon Salzberg

on Being Interdependent

Justin Michael Williams

on the Power of Being

Evelyn Carter

on Breaking Out of Your Bubble

Finian Makepeace

on Becoming a Climate Advocate

Charles Eisenstein

on How Real Change Happens

Meditations by:

Michael B. Beckwith


Light Watkins

Tracee Stanley

Scott Schwenk

Yoga by:

Adriene Mishler

Colleen Saidman Yee

Briohny Smyth

Noah Mazé

Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts

Schuyler Grant

Mary Beth LaRue

Chelsey Korus

Caley Alyssa

Eoin Finn

Matt Phippen

Why Join The Summit of Your Life

  • Learn how to find meaning and a “sense of direction” in your day-to-day life from leading teachers of personal growth, health, spirituality, and activism
  • Let go of what happened last year (and release past pain) to make room in 2021 for breakthroughs and new opportunities
  • Discover your personal purpose (and learn how to never forget it!)
  • Find “lost time” in your day so you become more purposeful, productive, and powerful with how you spend your time
  • Meditate and move in ways that feel good, from the inside out
  • Strengthen your relationships and express love in new ways
  • Feel empowered to make the world a better place by realizing your personal well-being is vital to a healthy society

Be your best self in 2021

Join tens of thousands of fellow students around the world as we go on this journey together.


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