Unwinding Prejudice

with Evelyn Carter

How to break down bias and forge equality


Confront Your Biases

While many of us would like to believe we live in a “post-prejudicial” society, we’re simply not there. Tribalism is on the rise and our traditional power structures reenforce inequality. Through our exposure to this system, we internalize implicit biases that influence our choices and actions. This process is so insidious, we may not even know we’re prejudiced.

If we aspire to be a “shining city on the hill,” then it is our responsibility to have an earnest dialogue about subconscious stereotypes and institutional power dynamics. Until we understand how our own biases shape this landscape — and take responsibility for changing them — we’ll reinforce a cycle that has its genesis in the darkest parts of human history.


What You Get

  • 5 days of lectures (15-20 minutes/day)

  • Bonus sessions for Lawyers, Doctors, and HR Professionals

  • Podcast and toolkit for starting a local Racists Anonymous support group

  • Audio-only versions of all courses
  • Downloadable course transcripts

Additional Information

Day 1
Identity and Bias

Day 2
Identifying Implicit Attitudes

Day 3
Subtle Bias

Day 4
Techniques for Reducing Bias

Day 5 
Structured Equality

Session for Doctors
Session for HR Professionals
Session for Lawyers
Racists Anonymous Quick Start Guide

WeCommune is Commune's private social network, built so you can connect with fellow students all around the world who have also taken this course. WeCommune is a safe space to pose questions, share resources, discuss our biases, and even organize local meet-ups. 

Day 1: Identity and Bias

Day 2: Identifying Implicit Attitudes

Day 3: Subtle Bias

Day 4: Techniques for Reducing Bias

Day 5: Structured Equality

BONUS: Racists Anonymous


BONUS: Doctors

BONUS: Lawyers

Meet Your Teacher

Evelyn Carter is a social psychologist who is passionate about changing how we talk about race. She studies how people detect, discuss, and confront racial bias, striving to bridge the gap between academia and those who want to use data to guide their work.

Evelyn has worked as the Director of Translational Research & Anti-Bias Training at UCLA and now helps organizations apply research-based insights as a Senior Consultant for Paradigm Strategy Inc.

The important is rarely easy

Talking about race can be hard, scary, and awkward—but it doesn’t have to be. Join Evelyn as she shares her academic insights on how to uproot implicit assumptions and institutional oppression, and lay the groundwork for a more equitable society.


"My hope is that you will find at least one – but hopefully more – nuggets of information that can help you become more aware of the biases you have, encourage you to take action to change those biases, and give you the spark to share these insights with those around you.”


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