Yoga for All

with Adriene Mishler

14-days to jumpstart your yoga practice


Bridge the gap between the mind and body

Yoga for All is a 24-class course designed to bring yoga to ALL people, especially those who need it most and might get it the least.

Adriene invites you to experience yoga as a language for living with a greater connection to yourself and others. This 14-day journey is an opportunity to commit to a regular home practice, teaching you a vocabulary that brings energy, reduces stress, and empowers you to listen. Through all levels conditioning, stretching, and breathwork, these practices are perfect for both beginner yogis and those seeking to add depth to a current practice.


Course Details

Yoga for All includes 25 class videos that can be streamed to any computer or mobile device.

14 Daily Practice Videos

Each class builds on the next, like a good book, inviting you to tell a story, cultivate a strong home practice, and "find what feels good."

Class lengths: 25-30min. 

9 Yoga Field Trip Videos

Yoga for All really means everyone! We took some time to get out of the studio and bring yoga right to the doorstep of those who need it most.

Class lengths: 30-45min.

Bonus Class:
Yoga For Empowerment

This revitalizing flow reduces fatigue and calms the mind. Connect to your inner strength and wisdom!

Class length: 45min.

Meet Your Teacher

Your teacher is Adriene Mishler, a yoga teacher and actress from Austin, Texas. Adriene has built a global yoga community on Yoga With Adriene, her YouTube channel, with nearly 4 million subscribers. Adriene (and her co-star canine, Benji) are kind, compassionate, and unpretentious, making yoga accessible to millions.

“When I say yoga I am not referring to yoga asana but to the larger idea of yoga practice. This program offers modifications but is really focused on the grand act of showing up to spend time with yourself and your breath. This is the baseline for all of it."

"It’s not about doing it right, it's about having fun and doing it together.” 


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