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The 4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Speak to Someone

teacher wisdom Sep 25, 2020
Teacher wisdom from Scott Schwenk: 

Our words are powerful. 

They can lift yourself and others up, or they can fortify our inner critic and judgments. A good practice before you speak to someone is to filter your words through what spiritual teacher Scott Schwenk called "the four gatekeepers of right speech." By doing so, you ensure that what you say and share is kind, true,...

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How Yoga Helps You Harness Your Power and Express Your Voice

teacher wisdom Sep 17, 2020
Teacher wisdom from Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts: 

Many of us have been and are silenced.

We have silenced ourselves, or we have allowed others to silence us. But by being silenced, we are then unable to express our gifts and contribute to the communities we care about. In this short video, Commune teacher Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts shares how yoga is more than a workout. In fact,...

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Parenting Tip: How to Positively Deal with Your Child's Emotions

teacher wisdom Sep 11, 2020
Teacher wisdom from Dr. Rebecca Branstetter: 

Kids can sometimes ask for love and connection in unloveable ways.

When your child is experiencing big feelings they can't cope with them on their own, they express themselves through behavior you may not like. This behavior is actually a form of communication that you as a parent or caregiver need to tune into. In this video, Dr. Rebecca...

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How to Stop Chasing Perfectionism & Approval from Others

teacher wisdom Sep 04, 2020
Teacher wisdom from Kimberly Snyder: 

We are conditioned from an early age to think we are imperfect on the deepest level.

This creates an unconscious chase to feel good enough based on external views and circumstances. Commune teacher Kimberly Snyder explains how you can begin to unravel this conditioning by connecting to your own inner-worth.

Want to join a new conversation about beauty...

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Guest Essay: Justin Michael Williams on Ending Racism

teacher wisdom Aug 28, 2020

This essay originally appeared at this link on Thank you to Justin for allowing us to repost it on Commune — we love supporting the work you do.

Almost every piece of work or literature that I’ve read on racism is built on one assumption: that it cannot end. 

Or at best, that it will be a “lifelong fight.” That ending racism...

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Why Understanding Your Strengths is Critical for Business Success

teacher wisdom Aug 27, 2020
Teacher wisdom from Sophia Amoruso:

What role are you meant to play in your business?  

Understanding your strengths gives you this clarity. No one is great at everything, and it’s smart to admit this –and it's smart, too, to take a personal and professional inventory so you're setting yourself, your employees, and your business up for success. In this short...

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Why Diversity Matters in the Foods We Eat

teacher wisdom Aug 20, 2020
Teacher wisdom from Jason Wrobel:

Most of us are creatures of habit, eating the same foods over and over again. 

Yet diversity matters in nutrition, even for those of us who think we already eat super healthy. 

Diversity is really important when it comes to your nutrition because having as many colors of food in each meal as possible (a.k.a "eating the rainbow" - and we don't...

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A Mindfulness Practice for Sitting in Our Emotions with New Awareness

teacher wisdom Aug 13, 2020
Teacher wisdom from Sharzon Salzberg:

Mindfulness is a great tool of meditation.

It helps us create more awareness. One such way to increase your awareness is to look for the add-on's. Start to ask yourself: Whatever is happening in the moment, what am I adding on to it?

Projection into an unchanging future is going to be dire. It's bad enough that we are dealing with whatever challenge is in...

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Why Love Can Never Be Taken from You

teacher wisdom Aug 06, 2020
Teacher wisdom from Sharzon Salzberg:

Love is not just a feeling; it's an ability.

Thinking love is only an emotion creates love as something we place in someone else's hands to give or take from us. And that creates the perception within us that we will be bereft when love is taken away - or we are somehow incomplete unless we receive love from someone else.  Yet according to Sharon...

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The Impact Single-Use Plastics Have On Our Health & The Environment

teacher wisdom Apr 22, 2020

Our use of plastics has consequences. 

In the face of climate change and many other global issues, we are witnessing the devastating impact that single-use plastics are having on our own health, our oceans, our wildlife, and our environment.  

As Kate Nelson shares in our Commune teacher wisdom video, cheap and easy packaging might cost us less in the...

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