The Lab: Take the 5-Minute Shake Challenge!

Apr 15, 2020

Bonus points for how big you smile...

Ever since I first heard Chubby Checker sing “Let’s do the twist” at a second-grade sock hop, I’ve loved songs that make you shake your body until you can’t breathe, or stop laughing, or both. 

Shaking just feels right. Happy, wet dogs wading out ponds and tiny kittens trembling for a warm touch know what I’m talking about.

This where I could point you to ancient qi gong shaking practices or the groundbreaking trauma work of Peter Levine, but I don’t feel the need for a hard sell here...

I don’t need to teach you any poses or positions. has no special equipment to sell you.
Carpet or hardwood, it’s all good.
No partner required. 

Welcome to the perfect social isolation self-therapy.

Turn on some music.
Set a 5-minute timer.
Don’t. Stop. Moving! 

In this little timelapse, Julia and I were listening to:

What is your favorite shake soundtrack? How did you feel after 5 minutes of shaking? 

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