The Lab: Adventures of a Globetrotting Yoga Platform

Jul 12, 2020

Three years ago, I spent an entire summer traveling from Los Angeles to British Columbia, filming yoga in some of the wildest places our crew could find. Now we are releasing all of those classes on Commune as part of our 10-day Community Yoga Challenge

This morning, practicing yoga on the now-peeling platform, I was reminded of how much this 390lbs of metal and wood was a vital part of that crazy summer. We lugged it to the top of mountains, slept on it in the back of the van, and lovingly styled its edges with rocks and flowers in every shot. 

Sometimes the cameras get all the credit, but today, I’m celebrating YOU, Mr. Yoga Platform. If there were an Academy Award for “Best Supporting” you would surely be nominated. 

The platform on its first shoot! We used a handmade reflector with a woven mix of gold and silver material to give the teacher a nice, warm look.


Figuring out the platform location with the best view. Unfortunately the next day the entire horizon was clouded by wildfire smoke. So it goes with outdoor productions. 


Preparing for an “eyes closed handstand” video with Chelsey Korus. So yeah, leveling was important.  PS: There’s that smoke.


All those boulders weren’t there before! Styling this set felt a bit like build Zen rock garden. 


Julia and I enjoying Crater Lake from our “bed” — i.e. a mattress on the yoga platform in the back of the production van. 

Well, that was not the most technical of Lab posts, but I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into a bit of what went into making our yoga content. 

What objects in your life have a great story behind them?

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