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Sway in the Wind

commusings Apr 15, 2020

Now that we have awakened to what makes life sacred and worthwhile, we know this: We are enough. Right here in our pajamas. We are enough. 

We can envision a new human story, once obscured by smog, but now visible on the horizon not solely because we’ve awakened but because we stopped spewing filth into our skies. 

In our quarantine, something shifted. Quietly, as if out of a collective unconscious, we all imagined the same thing.

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A Return to the Local

commusings Apr 13, 2020

We have inevitably been forced to adapt and evolve in the face of COVID-19.

What patterns have you seen evolving? Are you learning to live with less? Are you experiencing more gratitude for what you do have? Have you gotten out of your pajamas today? (I'm personally business casual on top, bedtime jammies on the bottom ;)

We'd love to hear more about how you have been coping with this new way of life. (as best you can) 

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Corona: The Virality of the Meme

commusings Apr 11, 2020

Is COVID 19, the meme, more replicative than COVID 19, the virus? 

The very idea of COVID-19 has precipitated an unprecedented shift in global behavior: quarantines, cessation of travel, remote work, personal hygiene, a return to the local, more cooking, less driving, more family time. 

It’s not like the world wasn’t already suffering from a variety of large-scale "dis-eases”: global warming, homelessness, famine AND obesity, cancer, diabetes, drugs, anxiety and loneliness. Government obfuscates. Nothing much changes.

It’s different this time. Why? What is it about COVID-19 that has broken the dam?

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Why Forgive

commusings Apr 11, 2020

We’ve all been wronged, sometimes even by people we love. And, in the fog of betrayal, we plot our revenge. We scheme through the night, holding an ember in our hands waiting for the moment to throw it. But all this time, it is you that is getting burned. When you’re angry, you’re the one that is angry. You’re the one suffering.

There is only one answer: forgiveness. Because while forgiveness can be a gift you give someone else, it is also a gift you give yourself. 

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The Best Ways to Bolster Your Immune System

commusings Apr 11, 2020

There are quite a few behaviors that we can engage in (right now!) to bolster our immune system. Things ranging from utilizing apple cider vinegar, meditating more, getting ample sunlight, and limiting sugar, alcohol and caffeine intake. 

Bolstering our immune system is integral not only for our own personal health, but for our families, our communities and our society at large.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home! Sending lots of love from the Commune family.

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Love in the Time of Corona

commusings Apr 11, 2020

In times of collective grief and crisis, we are called to naturally do what we were born to do: to connect and give each other comfort. The irony is, as much as we want to hold each other now, we can’t. The best way to take care of each other is to physically separate. 

Here’s a simple Metta meditation that I have been practicing to send love and comfort to those I love (including myself). 

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Transcending the Ego

commusings Apr 02, 2020

The ego incessantly tells us that we are what we do, what we have, and what others think of us. The ego operates from a place of fear and scarcity. There is another place from which to live that doesn’t see the world as separate. When we recognize and tame the ego and live from the soul, we start to operate from love and abundance. We begin to feel a sense of connection to ourselves, to others and to nature. 

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