The Lab: Spontaneous Poetry on Set - “Trust in the ancient tools...”

Aug 25, 2021

We originally met Jacqueline Suskin at a farmers market in Los Angeles, where she was offering spontaneous poems straight from her typewriter. All you had to do was give her a topic. 

Years later while on set filming Jacqueline's Commune course,  Every Day Is a Poem, we gave her a new prompt: "What is old, yet remains true?" 

The result was this impromptu poem and short video.

Interested in writing your own poems? Click here to take Jacqueline's poetry course on Commune for FREE.


Trust in the ancient
tools, they have worked
so well for eons, all
of this wisdom that ages
with grace, that keeps
us on our course.
The way we move through
life with constant
questions, the way we
falter and fail, turn
back toward the beginning.
Each system was perfect,
an orbit of exactness,
this old method of being
that remains true, that is
our infinite bounty to use,
to learn from always.

What is old and true for you?

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