Commusings: Embracing Change for Inner Peace by Yung Pueblo

Sep 30, 2023

Dear Commune Community, 

I’m no poet and you’ll likely know it.
But today’s wonderful scribe inspired a vibe.
So, below, I try to disburse a little verse.
The irony is sickly as I penned it quickly. 


A Rhythm to Know

In a world that pulses with haste and hurry,
Where minds whirl in relentless scurry,
The river does not sprint to the sea,
It meanders, it flows, so leisurely. 

So, let us walk with feet unbound,
As if our toes were kissing the ground.
Stopping at the corner to talk to a friend
Without envisioning a particular end.

For in the gentle pace, we truly perceive,
The wonders of what we can truly achieve.
Let’s cherish each breath, each step we take,
And savor the journey, for its own sake. 

The wisdom of stillness softly repeats,
In the sluggish shuffle of nature's feet.
She’s a marathon runner, not a sprinter,
Yet promises a spring with every winter. 

Like the bloom of a flower gently unfolds,
Or the tale of the stars, so anciently told.
There’s an art to the pace, a rhythm to know,
The secret of life is in moving slow. 


Waxing alternative poetic and pathetic on IG @jeffkrasno

In love, include me,

• • •

Embracing Change for Inner Peace

Excerpted from the way forward by yung pueblo


wisdom is not loud
nor does it whisper

it is a resonance
that realigns you with a better direction
it is a knowing that arises with undeniable clarity
it is an expansion that makes the mind lighter

wisdom is gradual,
often showing you the same truth
but from different angles,
until finally it clicks so deeply
that it becomes part of your being

as the wisdom within you matures,
it becomes easier to let go,
to stop fighting yourself,
and to move with nature instead of against it

• • •

instead of forcing yourself to let go

be still
be present
let yourself feel
don’t run away
accept what is
and let it all unravel naturally

• • •

healing happens
in the present moment

remember that
when you are focusing
way too much on the past

• • •

some of my favorite people
are the ones who don’t let society rush them.

they move at speeds that feel
more natural to their being.

they have their own idea of success
that is based on inner thriving,
and they treat their minds with gentle care.

above all, they embrace growth
the same way they embrace air and water,
because they see life as a gift that encourages

• • •

an eon’s worth of sorrow
pain gathered through the ages
an ancient feeling of loss

the struggle has continued
inside of you
for long enough

the light of acceptance
settles the agitation
and opens the door to letting go

what you felt before
will not always leave quietly

sometimes the past will roar
through your sensations
as you cut the root
of what you held for far too long


• • •

healing is a deconditioning process that ignites personal
transformation. to let go is to literally release old parts of
ourselves. a difficulty many of us come across on our inner
journey is being able to release our attachment to who we used
to be. how we see the world, our preferences, our likes and
dislikes, and much more will shift and morph as we align with
the genuine expression of our inner evolution.

we may at times feel odd when we outgrow the preferences
we were familiar with. we may even feel a little lost when we
realize that we have outgrown our old life. in these moments,
it helps to remind ourselves that it is fine to have new
favorites, new ways of expressing ourselves, new friends, and
new aspirations. to fully embrace growth, we must be willing
to venture into the unknown.

• • •

your relationship with change
will define your life

if you reject change,
you will struggle

if you accept it,
it will inspire you
to be more present
and to live without holding back

• • •

on change and freedom

the power of impermanence is vastly underrated and easy to overlook. we understand at the intellectual level that everything is fundamentally governed by the law of change, but when life throws its challenges or when we come upon a moment in our lives that we deeply crave to last, the truth of change falls into the shadows of forgetfulness. change is so predominant in the structure of reality that being absentminded of it will inevitably result in dissatisfaction, stress, and even suffering.

the greatest adversary of the ego is change because the ego arises out of the craving to survive, which means it will attempt to control and keep things the same. since reality is a moving river, our inner and outer flourishing is dependent on our profound embrace of change. if ego is akin to survival, then the acceptance of change is akin to freedom.

the ego craves a static existence because it thinks that this is the only path to security, but the greatest security we can cultivate is the release of attachments that comes from our acceptance of change. a mind that is less attached can love more powerfully and completely than one that is bogged down with the denseness of craving to keep things the same. the deeper you travel down the path of embracing change, the easier it becomes to unleash love for yourself and all beings.

understanding that the tight attachment of the ego exists in contradiction to the flowing and open movement of reality is actually an invitation to cultivate the present-moment awareness that allows us to live in harmony with nature. it is only in the present moment when we can elevate our intellectual understanding of change into the ever more rewarding firsthand experience of change.

the acceptance of change not only opens the door to inner peace but also welcomes you into the deeper insights that ultimately lead to liberation. to be liberated, from the stress and tension that come with attachment, is a challenging and long path but one that is worth walking. as you take steps along the path, the truth of change will not only elevate your ability to love but also make it easier to deepen your
connection with yourself and others. change will implore you to develop a dynamic identity, one where you allow yourself to let go of old parts of you so you can evolve.

at even higher levels, change will expose the insubstantial quality of the ego by revealing that all that is within you is movement itself. as the rigidity of the ego diminishes, more space is created for love and goodwill. some may wonder, what happens if there is no ego; how will we live? our mental framework would be structured around compassion for ourselves and others; our motivations will emerge from a balanced selflessness. at the level of everyday life, you will function as a more expansive and selfless version of you.

• • •

peace is not:

having a life with no problems or having
everything happen the way you want it to

peace is:

having the wisdom to handle change without
stress; it is having a balanced mind
amid the ups and downs of life

Diego Perez is a meditator and #1 New York Times bestselling author who is widely known on social media through his pen name Yung Pueblo. Online he has an audience of over 3 million people. He has sold over 1 million books worldwide that have been translated into over 25 languages. His writing focuses on the power of self-healing, creating healthy relationships, and the wisdom that comes when we truly work on knowing ourselves. Diego's fourth book, The Way Forward, will be released on October 10, 2023.

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