Healing Through Sound with Jeralyn Glass

Jun 12, 2020

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Jeralyn Glass has dedicated her life to healing through sound and plays her crystal singing bowls in a wide range of venues, from concert halls to cancer centers. However, this is not remotely where Jeralyn’s career started. Today’s podcast is her story.

To learn more about Jeralyn's practice, you can check out her website here: https://crystalcadence.com/

Jeralyn: I grew up in Los Angeles and studied here. And I started studying singing when I was 11. I sang a solo in the sixth grade, and people said to my parents, "Well, what are you going to do? She's talented." And my mom took me to a neighbor who was the voice of Ava Gardner in Show Boat, Annette Warren, and she dubbed all of Lucille Ball's movies, and she is 97. And if you heard her sing today, you would never guess her age. It's incredible.

Jeralyn: And so, I started studying with her and she taught me a very natural, holistic technique of [inaudible 00:02:00]. And my dream was to be on Broadway. And so, I did that. I moved to New York and auditioned, and very quickly I had my first national tour, which was Show Boat. And then the 25th anniversary revival of My Fair Lady starring Rex Harrison. And I was the youngest in the cast, and I got the play Rex's upstairs maid. And it was really a dream come true. We traveled around the United States, and it was a year and a half, and it was a glorious beginning of a career for a young person.

Jeff: And you went to Juilliard. Is that right?

Jeralyn: Mm-hmm (affirmative). So then when that was over, I was working in New York, and one of my piano said to me, "Your voice is really going more and more classical and sound. And musicals are going more in the direction of pop and contemporary sound. Let's look at some material." And I had studied some Italian art songs and famous things like the Carmen Seguidilla when I was younger with my teacher Annette. But I really began to explore classical music and I applied for a program in Italy and I got accepted. And that was it. Then I applied to Juilliard and I decided to really change paths.

Jeralyn: And it all happened fairly quickly. I began, I went won a couple of contests, and then ended up being accepted in Missouri Opera Studio Program. So I left New York and went to Switzerland, and it was an apprentice program where you began by performing smaller roles in the big main stage productions, and then graduated to bigger things. So that's where my opera career pretty much started very quickly. And I ended up staying in Europe for quite a number of years.

Jeff: And then, you also then became very involved in a musical education, if I'm correct, particularly helping kids learn how to sing. I remember we talked a little bit about that when we spoke a few days ago, but can you describe that a little bit more?

Jeralyn: Yes, thank you. I grew up in a family where there were five kids, and my parents were very instrumental in instilling in us this sense of responsibility to, whatever your talents were, to give back, to be of some kind of service. And so, when I recognized that I was going to be living in Germany, I ended up marrying a German, and that I was going to be living there. I decided I got this really strong feeling of this word legacy, and I felt like I wanted to leave some kind of legacy that was based on our American values of service and joy in our work, and the support of everybody in a community. And so, I started a kids' foundation called Kids4Kids World Foundation. And the premise was that we would put together a team of about 20 kids every year, and we built an original production around their talent.

JeralynEvery child brought something different. One played the harp. One played the flute. One was a good singer. One was a tap dancer. And every year we'd hold these very creative auditions, where we'd ask them to improvise things. And then we create a team, and that team became a family. And we wrote a piece for them. One was called Faro city, a place without grownups, and I'm translating from the German.

JeralynSo, the whole idea was that music is the common language. Music is the vibration that holds us all together. And that, in spite of our differences, we could create something extraordinary together. And then, the money we would raise, which was about $30,000 every year went to fund our own music therapy program that we created where local kids could get music therapy without too much rigmarole, someone who had lost a parent or a sibling.

Jeff: Beautiful. You had a son of your own at this juncture already or no?

Jeralyn: Yes. He was seven at the time, and I have to say that he was attending an international school where there were 45 nations represented. And so, that was also part of the inspiration that, whether you spoke Swedish as your native language or Japanese, or Finnish or whatever it was, we could always come together through music. And a lot of the language that, obviously, we used was English, but a lot of it was German. And we would teach the kids the songs in the different languages. And so, he was a great motivator for the beginning of this kid's foundation. And he loved to participate in it, and he was quite an inspiration for starting it.


Jeff: Right. And so, can you elaborate on the inflection point that then brought you more into your current incarnation with the singing bowls?

Jeralyn: Yes. So, I also was teaching at the Munich Conservatory at that time, and so, as a combination with that, and the Kids' Foundation. Sometimes I would use these singing bowls, which I had purchased about 14 years ago. And I had heard them with my mom when we were traveling in the Southwest. And they really were like, when I first heard the sound, it was so pristine and so pure. It was like they were singing something my soul knew. That's the only way I can really describe it. And I just said to my mom, "I've got the buy a set of these bowls." And so, I did. And I took them back to Germany and I began to use some with the students. And my son loved them. He'd say, "Mommy, bring me to bed with my sound blanket." So I'd take one of the bowls in my hands, and be next to his bed and play and lead him in a little prayer or meditation and he'd fall asleep.

Jeralyn: So the bowls began to be a part of my daily life in a way that was new to me. I had never done any sort of sound healing. And if a student had a blockage in their voice when I was training them, I'd asked them to choose one of the seven bowls. So there was C, D, E, F, G, A and B. And if we talk about that in terms of energy medicine, those are the notes of the Chakras. And so, a young person would choose, let's say a D, and there'd be a certain blockage in their system, and they'd start to play that bowl and tone with it, or hum with it, or sing part of their song with it, and the blockage would dissipate.

Jeralyn: I knew as an opera singer that sound was such a profound medium, and that, when I could use my own body to vibrate and then be the amplifier, that it was profound for me and could be for the listener. And so, to experience an instrument like the bowls also getting amplified and having profound effects, that was really cool. It was the entry into sound as a medicine, I guess. But every year the kids in the Kids' Foundation would enter a contest in Germany that was either for their instrument or for voice. And my son entered it when he was just turning 13, and he made it to the semifinals, and he had to do a little program that included, It Don't Mean a Thing by Duke Ellington and Rogers in HeartSong, and a couple of original songs that we wrote for him.

Jeralyn: And one week before semifinals, he walked in the room and he goes, "Mom, mom, mom, mom, my voice." And his voice had started to do a change. And at that point, I hadn't walked any young person through their voice change. And I spoke with a well-known tenor. And he said, "Oh, yeah, yeah, it's possible." And he gave me a few tips of what to do. And I did those things. And my son's name was Dylan. And so, I asked him to choose a bowl, and he loved this very little bowl that was the note of a G, which is the note of the Throat Chakra. And it was citrine, and citrine is yellow. It has to do with the solar plexus. It's helping your confidence and your strength, the will and your courage. And that's the bowl he loved to play.

Jeralyn: And so, we worked with that bowl for the week before his audition, and his voice stayed open and he stood up to do his performance and said, "Hello everyone. My name is Dylan. And since one week, I'm no longer soprano." Everybody started laughing. I was blown away how that young man could stand there and do a program with his voice in such a vulnerable state with great confidence. That was a very special connection that we both had with the bowls.

Jeralyn: And so, when I fast forward, and say to you that five years ago in 2015 and March, of 2015, when this whole world began to shift and I began to come into this world of really using sound as a healing modality, it came because I lost my boy. He passed away. And, as you can imagine, there's no words. There's no words for the grief and the shock and the disbelief, and all the things as a parent you go through it, because you say the normal thing is if you lose a parent, you will lose your past. And you lose a partner you lose your present. But if you lose a child, you lose your future.

Jeralyn: And needless to say, I mean, there were just no words. And yet, the night that he passed away, I walked down to the ocean here in South of the airport, and was with a dear friend who was actually on the board of the Kids' Foundation. He had lived in Germany with me, an actor. He came and stayed with me. And we both looked up at the sky at the same time and there was this huge shooting star that seemed to start over my parents' house, cross the LA base and then land in the mountains behind Hollywood. And I could hear the sound of just whoosh, and I could hear Dylan [inaudible 00:17:46] ... He was big. He was 6'3 and 230 pounds. He ended up playing football. And I could hear him, "Mom, mom, I made it. It's like we always talked about."

Jeralyn: Referring to our little meditations and his sound blanket. "I'm home. I'm with God." And I was like, "What?" Both Peter and I, it was as if Peter heard that too, the whoosh and the whole everything, because we just looked at each other. And for me that was the beginning of this journey of energy and sound vibration and a path that has absolutely changed my life. And yeah, he began to continue to communicate with me through sound, through light, through signs. And I noticed as time went on, when I was really sad and sitting in the grief, I couldn't find him. But when there was some way that I found to elevate myself, I could feel him.

Jeralyn: And so, about six weeks after, I knew that I couldn't go back to the university I was teaching here at Chapman. I had to change my life up. I could never pretend that it was going to be the same. I had to just change it up. And the first thing that I did in communicating also with him, it was like, "Mom, we're going to Machu Picchu." And that has been on our bucket list. We had traveled because he was also a ski racer. We had been to many high peaks in the world, and we had seen Mt. Everest. One of his best friends was from Naipaul.

Jeralyn: And so, we had talked about going to Machu Picchu, and he just said, "We're going." And I'm like, "Okay. Who are we going to go with?" And I'm imagining now this trip was a showman, and I opened the computer and I Googled spiritual journey to Machu Picchu. And Dr. Sue Morter came up. And I didn't know her at the time. And I thought, "Okay, great. This is a beautiful blonde-haired blue-eyed doctor from Indiana."

Jeralyn: But I said to him, "Dylan, where's the showman?" And I could hear him say, "Mom, she is the showman. That's who we're going with." And that trip changed everything too. And what happened there was, I gave her a little picture of him, and she took it to the top of Huayna Picchu and did like a ritual and a celebration for him. And they took a little video and pictures. And when they came down the mountain, she said, "You've got to see this." And there was a picture with his little picture in her hand and there was a beam of light coming from his throat. So, of course, for me that was just like, "Oh my gosh. That's the citrine bowl that's at his throat." And there were so many synchronicities, Jeff, that was the beginning of this realization that my healing, I guess, what's going to happen through sound.

Jeralyn: I mean, I didn't really know it then, sound and light. And then about three months after that, I really fell on a pretty deep hole. And he said to me one day, "Mom call the bowl dudes. Call the bowl dudes." And it was insistent. And he had a great humor. We would laugh a lot. I mean, we laugh ourselves silly. But he was insistent, Jeff. "Mom, calls the bowl dudes." And I was like, "Right, I'm grieving you. Leave me alone." But it didn't stop. And so, I finally called the company Crystal Tones and spoke with one of the owners and told them, "I'm sitting here and my son is telling me to call you." That's how this journey began.

Jeff: Wow. That's an extraordinary story. Had you had, and I suppose for people hearing it for the first time, it's almost incredulous. I mean, had you had what I might call mystical or epiphanies or celestial experiences prior to this?

Jeralyn: Yeah. It's such a good question. I mean, I know when I was little, I'll never forget, we lived out in the San Fernando Valley, and I remember twirling around on our front porch, just twirling around this porch and singing. And I was, I think three or four. And remembering how good that felt, and just feeling this sense of, "Oh, that's what you're going to do with your life. You're going to do that." And so, I think there always was a connection for me to whatever you want to name it, universal intelligence, God, spirit, the divine, the cosmos.

Jeralyn: Yes, I was aware of when thoughts or intuition or things would suddenly be in my mind, that I would take it as a communication. So, it wasn't strange, but again, it was strange because, we're talking about death that's something you don't talk about, and then you don't talk about your child. And it's like, really?

Jeralyn: But I could hear his voice again. It was a really big, strong at a very beautiful sound. I can till today. I mean, I hear it in my head. And I get the name for that, it's clear audience. And through Dr. Sue's work, it took me a long time, Jeff. It wasn't immediate and the grief process was pretty excruciating as you can imagine. But I began to understand A, we're made of energy. And that energy gets compressed in human form, and it becomes sound vibration. And every cell in our body is vibrating, every organ has a vibration. And when we are feeling diseased, we're out of harmony. And so, if you can tune your body, we can come back to health and wholeness. And we come back into this connection with our true self.

Jeralyn: And so, I began to really understand more about that. And then when I spoke with the owner of crystal tones, I ordered 11 bowls. And because people were asking me all the time, "Well, how do I know what bowl is for me? There's so many beautiful alchemies. I didn't really put two and two together in terms of notes and, Oh I need to have something for my heart. I didn't think like that. I just thought, what are the alchemies that could possibly connect me to Dylan?

Jeralyn: So I chose the left side. I chose selenite, which is grounded white light. I chose Ruby, I chose Rose Quartz. And these were the bowls that came. I ordered 11 bowls. And when I started to work with them, everything changed. I was able to process my grief in a way that I hadn't been able to cry, and they just held this sacred space, this container to feel in a way that I had not been able to feel.

Jeralyn: And so, as I began my own sound healing journey with me being the one, I was able to translate that. Then I began to work with cancer patients and other people with grief. And it changed everything, changed everything for me to be in service to others. And it began to move my grief beyond what I could have conceived, because I was doing talk therapy like six hours a week, and it was bringing some kind of relief. But it wasn't embodying. It wasn't lasting. It wasn't making an impact that I felt different when I woke up in the morning.

Jeff: It wasn't sematic, perhaps. I mean, you said, when you lose a child you lose your future. Ironically, it seems like Dylan provided you with a future.

Jeralyn: I know you're right on. He'll say to me that. He'll go, "Mom, we have a future." Like, "Get it mom. We have a future. It's just different than we imagined." And I think what I learned with Dr. Sue was that, if we can look at everything in our life, everything that happens in our lives as really for our unfolding of our true self, for really helping us to open to our true purpose. If someone had said that to me one year in, I would have slapped them. It was like, "Don't you dare. How can you say that? it doesn't make sense." And I began to understand now, "Mom, it's a different relationship. I'm not gone and we get to do this hand-in-hand." So that when I play the bowls and make music with them, or simply lead a meditation, I feel immediately this connection to this high vibration of love.


Jeff: Can you describe a little bit of what the experience is like to actually play the bowls, and how they're struck, and how they create vibrational resonance? And then also, what the experience is like to be the audience, to listen to them?

Jeralyn: Yeah. There's a number of different ways. There's the normal wand is made of rubber and suede. And so, you can tap, and you can make melodies with them. You can make beautiful chimes note, or you can do a swirling technique where you hear slightly the, it's almost like a bow on strings. You can hear slightly the bowing of the bowl. And then there is another technique that's actually called Bowing, where you bowl the side of the bowl, like a base, like a violin, like a cello.

Jeralyn: So, there's three different ways that you can play them. And when we work with using the wand in a clockwise manner, you can work with an intention of bringing certain energies in. And when you work with counterclockwise, then you are working with bringing energies, moving energy out of your body. And at the beginning I thought, "All this is ... " Come on. Here's this classical musician and this is out there.

Jeralyn: And I think I said that too. I would say to my mom, "Mom, here's this classical musician and professor, and I'm playing these Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls and I'm communicating with my son. I mean, I must be pretty weird." And she was like, "No dear. You're helping people." And it just took off from there. And so, that's the technique for playing it, and then we have all the different alchemy.

Jeff: Can I ask you one more question about that?

Jeralyn: Yeah.

Jeff: ... because, I think I have some experience listening to singing bowls, and being enveloped in those cascading waves of sound. But I've never really associated it with melody per se. But you actually have a pretty sophisticated approach, just given your classical music background, where you're using the bowls as actually, in a way that's tuned. And my only silly metaphor for it would be, if you fill beer bottles up to different levels of beer or wine glass with different levels of wine or water, they take on an actual tune or an actual note. And you're actually treating the bowls in a very sophisticated musical way that I've never seen before. Can you just talk about that just for a minute?

Jeralyn: Yeah. You just made me smile, because I'm remembering I did a big show in the Munich Philharmonic, and there was a guy that part of the show, was a new year's Eve show that we ran three years. There was a young man from Russia that had wine glasses, and they were filled and he played his music with the wine glasses. So yes, you can liken it to that. But there's this, there's something beyond. So, often I'm working with these sacred ratio of the interval, the musical interval of the fifth. And that is what the Pythagoras calls, this sacred ratio

Jeralyn: There's so much we can do. I mean, yes, I can just swirl them, and I can give you just an incredible swirl of the sound. But something else happens in the structure of someone's body when I start, let's say, by playing a low seat, and then I'll play a G above that, then they add a C above that, and a G above that, and then a C above that. So, if I'm using three office of a C, it's going to do something to the system that so stabilizing, and people are able to really drop in. And, again, in that place where your mind is stilled, and you begin to experience in your soul, or a bliss connection, or just deep relaxation where your body begins to regenerate and renew pains that you had been holding, physical pain, so often people's physical pains just dissipate.

Jeralyn: They wake up from the sound bath and they're gone. Or from the concert of people have deep experiences. So, part of it, I think those have to do with the order that you play in, the structure of how you construct, what I'll say, my ball orchestra, what notes I'm playing. And then you add on top of it, the alchemy, which is, that's the magic. So if I'm playing a C, and it happens to be Rose courts, let's say. It's working on grounding you. It's working on your rooting. But at the same time, that Rose court is really working on opening the heart, maybe helping to sooth some of heartache or heartbreak.

Jeralyn: So you've got these subtle multi-level, multi-dimensional layers that are happening with these gemstones. And that's what makes the bowls very different, let's say from the Tibetan bowls, or the gong, because our bodies are crystal and structure and the cells. And so, they're able to absorb these vibrations really, really easily.

Jeralyn: So, and then it's nice, if you start with, let's say, for example, I like to sing amazing grace with the bowls. So you put this pad under it, and you get this sense of people really, again, dropping in. They come out of their thinking mind. I mean, that's what music can do in its highest form anyways. But with all these crystal and sounds and this amplification of different gemstones, and then you put something like traditional, like amazing grace on top of it, or Ave Maria, it's a sublime experience. It's very different, can be very different for people.

Jeff: So when you're working with people that are dealing with a lot of trauma, or potentially a physiological disease like cancer or other chronic disease, what is the impact on those people when you bring the crystal balls to them?

Jeralyn: Well, for example, there was one time that there was a lady that came to me after meditation, and I'm volunteering at the cancer support community. So, it's a national organization for anyone and their family members who have had cancer or have cancer. And everything is offered for free, and it's all alternative things. And that's where I got out of my bed and said, "Okay, I'm going to do something. I need to serve and do something in order to just get out of my own pain." One lady said to me, she said, "I've been meditating in the traditional meditation manner for 28 years." And she said, "I have never meditated with sound and I cannot even put into words what I experienced." But she said she had stage four cancer. She said, "I believe that I've heard the sounds of heaven." And she said, "All I can say to you is that I am no longer afraid of dying."

Jeralyn: Other people have said to me, "What's that bowl?" And I'll say to them what note it is. And they'll say, "Oh, my goodness." The note, let's say would be a D, and the D is in the lower abdomen area. That's just where my cancer is. And when you were playing that bowl, I could feel inside my body just tingling and twitching. So, it's not a one-size-fits-all, but people have to very profound. I had one woman who it's happened twice, where someone who had their breast removed just came to me after crying and said, "My breasts, I could feel where the energy was back. I could feel I was whole again. There was something that happened to me in the sound where I could feel myself whole and complete again."

Jeralyn: So with the cancer patients, it's pretty incredible. I would ask to say to you in the end that what's grown over the past four years has been a circle of love, and that they understand that they're going to be held in these vibrations that they feel safe for that moment. Their fears get to be alleviated in that moment. And they drop into a deep place of peace, and that's really where healing can happen. When we get out of that fear and anxiety, and all the things, the stories that the mind makes up, and how it all take things, and even distort them. They come into that place of illness and peace where healing really can happen.

Jeralyn: That's one thing with cancer patients. I had one experience where I was playing the pitta light bowl and it was a big 12-inch bowl, so it was a very deep, it was actually a deep G. And the G is really the deep rooting. So it's your legacy. It's your deep rooting while you're here. And the Pitta light is a natural form of lithium. So we use that often with when people have bipolar, or they have mental imbalances. And in this case, this woman, I was playing 20 bowls. She came up to me afterwards and she said, "What is that bowl?" And I said to her, "It's pitta light." And how are you feeling? And she said, "Also, I can't begin to tell you ... " She was crying. She said "My sister was murdered a year ago." And she said, "I have not been able to experience any sense of peace of mind." And she said, "That bowl just kept the resonance from that bowl as if it was just wrapping me in its arms, the sound and in arms of a loving presence. And I feel something happened."

Jeralyn: And that's that place when you ask them about the mystical, or, it's that place that when I was playing the Selenite Bowl, which has grounded white lights, selenite is a really powerful, beautiful stone. I could feel my son. I could feel his presence. I could feel a Misty white substance with me, and I could feel him guiding me how to open my body to really feel and express that grief. So that's the thing with the Alchemist, is so incredibly profound, and different for everybody.


Jeff: The last thing that I'd want to ask you is, you have found meaning in your suffering and tremendous purpose to your life. How would you counsel others looking to manage traumatic events in their life and find a sense of meaning?

Jeralyn: Also great question. I think the most important thing, Jeff, is that we aren't afraid to feel. And I wanted to run from those feelings. It was like just, God, do anything, but just take them away. They're unbearable. You don't know what to do with yourself. The grief is so intense, and whatever it is that people are experiencing that, for all of us can be so intense that you want to bypass it. You don't want to have to go in there. And I think what sound did for me, these, what I named them sacred sound, is it really created a space for me to drop in in safety. And then I could work with my breath. I could feel that grief, I could growl it out, I could yell it out, I could weep it out. And it began to transform.

Jeralyn: And I think I had shared that with you that, I remember the first time getting up from working with the sound for about an hour, and really just feeling this complete freedom, and that would be an important thing to work with sound and feel, a freedom to feel and to express. When I went to wash my face, I couldn't believe that there was light in my eyes. I actually saw the physical transformation that I felt safe enough to go in and feel the unfeelable, and the sound actually transformed it. That was mind-blowing. And so, I guess I'd say to people, use that, which is part of the reason why I made these things on the YouTube channel, Crystal Cadence called Tune up Tuesdays. And I took different sets every week, and we've been doing it for about a year and a half now.

Jeralyn: Just that people could have this whole library of all these different bowls and all these different notes, and we didn't talk about the tunings, am I playing bowls that are 432 Hertz, a 528 Hertz or the tuning of music today 440 Hertz. Am I playing binaural beats that people could have this library on the YouTube channel, that they could say, "Okay, tonight I'm going to go sleep with that." Or, "Tonight I'm going to put these 15 minutes of sound on it and I'm going to have a good cry." Or I'm going to just see if I hold the area in my body that say where the back pain is, where the cancer is feeling, where I'm feeling grief over my divorce, or my child is struggling. Whatever the things are in our lives, if I can bring my attention and my loving presence to that part of my body and breathe in there and let the sound hold me in there, and just feel and direct my breath in there, it melts.

Jeralyn: It begins to shift. And our thoughts about it, again, back to common science, our thoughts about it begin to change. It's like it's not as heavy as it was. Our consciousness begins to raise and in the process of living our lives, you notice this doesn't trigger you anymore. You notice that doesn't hurt you anymore. You notice you're not attached to that anymore. And it's not like it's necessarily from one moment to the next, but I would just begin to see, even with my mom, sometimes she'd say things that I'd just go, "Oh, really?" And I was like, "She could say whatever she wants to now, and it just doesn't trigger me ever." I can just look at her fully with love and it's like, "Oh wow, okay."

JeralynAnd the other thing is I love to train the part of these crystal. I've made stumble trainings is exactly too. We have psychologists in there. We have a union therapist, we have nurses, yoga teachers, just people from all different emergency care people, people from all different walks of life and profession that are wanting to integrate this also in their job or with their clients. And it's so beautiful to guide them in a way that they feel anchored and rooted and strong and steady that they can use their personal Alchemy to play their bowls and give people a sense that we can take our health back in our own hands.

Jeralyn: We can transform things that really bother us, certain patterns of thinking behavior. Remembering one young lady now during the Covid, she has a set of four bowls and she's 23 and she works at a hospital in Stanford, Connecticut. And she wrote me and she was thrilled. She was like, "Jeralyn, grown men that I've been working with over a year, grown men, they love my sound bowls." And she said to me, "And they're asking me, "Can I play those every night after work?" And they felt a sense of peace and relief and calmness, and just noticed that their stress was reduced.

Jeralyn: And then just one funny thing is that one client in Canada wrote me yesterday during this time also, she's making recordings of her bowls and sending them, and this was a client in Europe. And she said, "My client wrote me and said she's been married many years, but her and her husband had the most intimate evening after hearing her sound bowl meditation they've ever had in their life." I was like, "Okay." And then the bowls also [crosstalk 00:51:53]

Jeff: Give me her number, if you don't mind after the broadcast.

Jeralyn: I'll make one for you.

Jeff: There you go.

Jeralyn: We were laughing so hard and you're saying, "Okay, then my bowls also improve your loving ability and your ability to enjoy your sexual partner." And it was like, Okay, right on. Okay."

Jeff: Yes, I hadn't heard about that one before, but now I'm even more interested. Well, Jeralyn, thank you so much for the work that you're doing, which is clearly more important than ever since people are largely hunkered down feeling a lot of loneliness, feeling a lot of fear and stress and anxiety. And I think what you said about the sound holding a safe place for people to stand in the pain, to stand in the loneliness. I think that resonates with me a lot, and I think that it resonate with a lot of other people. So, thank you, and thank you for what you did.

Jeralyn: It's really my great joy, and it just keeps generating more and more and more joy when you hear people's responses, and you hear how people's lives are transforming. I smile and say, "Thank you, Dylan. It was a big sacrifice that we're not together in this physical form, but he just says, "Mom, it's eternal. It's eternal. Our love is eternal, and here we are connected to sound."

Jeff: Yes, outside of the vacillations of space and time, but brought together by sound. It's beautiful.

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